Headscratchers / Avadon

  • Why does Redbeard get so pissed if you tell him about Lord Deathskull's alliance offer? Isn't more allies generally a good thing, especially for a faction like Avadon?
    • The main allies of Avadon are the five nations. Redbeard and the rest of the staff of Avadon already have a very hard time keeping those in line and pleased. Adding more to the mix means nothing but more work, more stress, less efficiency. It outweighs the advantages.
      • This is basically the major point. Redbeard isn't interested in anybody else joining the Midlands Pact, regardless of how genuine, well-meaning, or sincere they might be. It would cause dissension in the Pact as it stands and endanger his own power.
    • Besides, the offer is coming from someone who thinks it's a good idea to call himself Lord Deathskull.