YMMV / Armageddon MUD

  • Demonic Spiders: Any aggressive critter out there becomes this to the non-combat guilds, as you're going to have to either flee or die.
    • The game's actual spiders do a good job as well, outmatching anything that's not a warrior or a ranger with some good training under their belt, and having a fondness for hiding in the sand and just bursting out to eat your poor old character alive.
    • Kryl are fearsome insects that grow taller than even elves. Not only are they poisonous, they also manage to sneak around somehow, allowing them to attack your character in a flurry of scythes and venoms before you even knew there was a grotesque insect with you.
  • Game-Breaker: Since Armageddon has a very heavy focus on RP, various guilds are meant to be this. Magick and mindbendery especially are powerful enough that to play one, staff need to trust you enough that you won't blow up half the world with it.
  • Woobie Species: Though everyone in Armageddon has it bad in some way or another, and no race is particularly good-hearted, half-elves and muls definetly qualify for this trope. Half-elves form such an (understandable) minority that they have no power, homeland, or tribes to speak of, and so are shunned by everyone. Muls are even rarer than this, kill their own mother the moment they are born, and get the option of choosing between a life of servitude or death.