YMMV / Antitrust

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The film is essentially one giant Take That! at Microsoft, complete with their chief rival Apple providing Product Placement. Fast forward to today, and it's Apple that's the defining image of the modern tech behemoth, being accused of a lot of the same stuff that Microsoft was at its peak (having a near-monopoly on MP3 players in the '00s, for one) and then some (their infamous "terms of service" agreements, for another). Looking back, one could compare Synapse, the evil, corporate-dominated network created by NURV, to the "gated community" that Apple has created for its iDevices, especially in comparison to its open-source rival Android.
    • Even earlier than that was the fact that the videotaped interviews on the film's official website could only be viewed using Apple's proprietary QuickTime format. What happened to your Open Source message, guys?