YMMV: Altered States

  • Cult Classic
  • Designated Hero: Eddie's not the easiest person to like.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: The trippy hallucination sequences may be the big selling point for most viewers.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The absolutely hellish hallucinations.
    • The trailer uses them to full effect. One of them has one extremely terrifying delivery of its lines: "The most terrifying experiment ever done...IS OUT OF CONTROL."
  • Special Effects Failure: The hallucinatory sequences (of which there are many) are brilliant, but William Hurt in a fur suit just doesn't scream Australopithecus, especially considering that Stanley Kubrick made more convincing Ape-like human ancestors with late-sixties special effects in 2001. Kubrick probably had more money to work with though: Ken Russel's "primitive hominid" character looks like something out of a 1930's serial.
    • Actually, some of the hallucinations look like what they are: drops of paint exploding on Petri dishes. Bran Ferren replaced John Dykstra after the latter quit the film, one of the many things that went wrong.
    • And technically that wasn't William Hurt in the fur suit but a much shorter double.