!!Subjective tropes present in the original Alter A.I.L.A.:

* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: Each faction's battle theme, ''especially'' the Rebel theme.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: While wandering through the sewers (in the middle of the abandoned city, mind you), one can come across a ''fully-operational bar'', in which the bartender foreshadows the monsters to come and leaves behind a keycard. While the keycard ''is'' used later [[spoiler:as the first step to getting an EX gun]], the existence of the bar is never explained, and never really acknowledged again. Though it was possibly AllJustADream. [[EpilepticTrees Or a psychic projection of]] [[spoiler: [[EpilepticTrees the Jackal. Or AILA. Or it was something Tinder set up before the game started.]]]]
** There's also no real explanation for [[spoiler: Shadow Red's appearance in the Innovator route; Orange talks at him a bit before fighting]], but it's never clear whether it's AllJustADream, a psychic projection, or just a metaphor.
* CharacterTiers: The strength of characters varies wildly. Some, like Indigo and Orange, are pathetic, while characters like Black are almost GameBreaker territory.
** '''Top Tier''': Black (Mask Off), Grey\\
'''High Tier''': Blue, White, Black (Mask On), Green\\
'''Mid Tier''': Red, Yellow, Violet\\
'''Low Tier''': Indigo, Orange
* CompleteMonster: PsychoForHire Red joins TheEmpire simply because it's the strongest of the factions and allows him to direct his bloodlust at the Imperialists' targets. An AxeCrazy lunatic who favors strength above all else, Red spends the game brutally murdering or attempting to murder everyone in his path and has designs on the throne himself. He aims to [[TheStarscream backstab the Imperials and take over himself]] before reigning as TheCaligula. He also intends to rape Violet once he learns that [[spoiler: she's hypnotized]], only demurring when he learns that she's still fully capable of fighting back.
* FanNickname: Limit Green, for [[spoiler: the battle against Green when she's fighting at full strength]].
* GameBreaker: On the Independent route, at the vending machines before your first fight with the Imperials, grab all the Acid Bombs you can. You ''will'' win every boss fight afterwards.
** Black's "Mind Blast" skill, too. Just buy a few Sanitizers and watch everything in your path be obliterated.
* TierInducedScrappy: Many people hate Indigo because she is by far the weakest character, in addition to being a BrattyHalfPint.

!!Subjective tropes present in the remake, Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis:

* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: "Blast My Desire", the BattleThemeMusic for {{Bonus Boss}}es and late-game {{Climax Boss}}es. For area music, the BGM for Avalon is quite nice as well.
* CharacterTiers: Despite the author's best efforts to balance characters this time around, Jake and Hawk are too weak/slow to be useful, and Indy's only use (equipping a static-damage sync and dishing out Vampire constantly) is superseded by Violet, who is better at it and less [[SquishyWizard squishy]].
* EndingFatigue: Neok admits that by the time he had gotten to writing the ending, he had begun to lose steam, and, unfortunately, it shows. [[spoiler:The final boss fight can be a major letdown to those who played the original; Aila becomes reduced to a cardboard cutout villain with no real motive due to the fact that her MotiveRant was completely removed. The endgame also lacks the explanation of things like the BackStory and Kugar that the original had]]. The two postgame {{Bonus Dungeon}}s originally had full subplots surrounding them as well, but had to be cut because Neok had burned himself out writing the rest of the game. Fortunately, he plans to rectify this by giving those explanations in the sequel.
** The postgame itself can feel this way due to the above. After such a story-heavy and character-centric game, a postgame consisting of nothing but long dungeon slogging without any additional story information can feel rather dull.
* FamilyUnfriendlyAesop: "People are selfish and prideful." The fact that Leon is such a moral person is a very big deal. [[spoiler:This is subverted by the ending, however, when the heroes all put aside their differences and agree to work towards a common goal, three of them even performing {{Heroic Sacrifice}}s.]]
* FridgeBrilliance: Psychokinesis is toxic to humans. The high level modes usually grant large amounts of EX and AP in exchange for health degeneration. What's probably happening is that they're amplifying the latent psychokinetic energy in the character equipping them, but, since that same energy is toxic, causes an overflow which saps their LifeForce.
** "Interference", a GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere in the dam facility. It's in the shape of a large silhouette. If you look at it closely, you'll realize that [[spoiler:it's a silhouette of ''Aila'', and probably some form of [[FightingAShadow astral projection]] she's using to attack the jackal]]. Suddenly, its actions make sense, huh?
* FridgeHorror: [[spoiler:Erin constantly tells Leon about how the CrapsackWorld will corrupt a moral person like him, and so will she, due to being a cold AntiHero. However, she's a moral person as well -- the reason she's telling Leon this is because she was exactly like him, and ''the same thing she describes happened to her''. [[TearJerker Kind of depressing]].]]
* SugarWiki/FunnyMoments: "[[DeadpanSnarker Build a functional submarine out of scrap parts, no problem. Cheer up a little girl, no can do.]]"
** Also, some of G-Bot's questions.
** If you choose the "talk" option during phase 5 after [[spoiler:Jake and Dread]] join your party, Celia will ask why [[spoiler:Jake]] looks so young. They do not give a direct answer, simply stating that the key to a youthful appearance lies in proper skincare products. The final lines of their conversation are:
--->'''Celia:''' So, do both you and Indy do this thing?\\
'''[[spoiler:Jake]]:''' That's classified information.
** Erin outlining [[ToThePain exactly what she'll do to Scott]] if anything happens to Indy. Her sudden BattleAura cinches it.
-->'''Erin:''' When I get free from here -- and I ''will'' get free because you guys are going to get me free. And God help you if you decide to run away, because I ''will'' get free someday. And when that happens, then you had best pray for death to save you. Because ''nothing'' will stop me from hunting you down and stringing you up in the most unsightly manner. So when I get free, she better be exactly as she is now, not a hair harmed on her body. Else terrible things may happen to you, that may result in harsh physical, mental, or emotional trauma, lasting the rest of your miserable lives.
** This exchange:
-->'''Violet:''' [[CatchPhrase Scott, before we die, I just want to say 'I love you'!]]\\
'''Scott:''' And I just want to say 'I love cheeseburgers'!
** In Phase IV, Ceres II, you're supposed to get to the top of the tower after parting with Scott. After reaching the top, you find Kugar's loyal servant Lavitz blocking the path, forbidding anyone from going through, but Scott as well as Violet looking dandy and all pop up. Despite what happens next, their reactions were just worth it.
-->'''Scott:''' Now then...
-->[[spoiler: *[[FaceHeelTurn Scott's shotgun points at Leon's]], but a rifle points at Scott as well*]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Leon:''' Huh?]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Scott:''' Huh?]]
-->[[spoiler:*Erin fires her rifle first, only for Scott to dodge quickly*]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Scott:''' Whoa! [[CurseCutShort Holy Sh-!]] She actually fired! Goddammit, that was too close!]]
** Once you find all the shards and give them to all the Jokers, you can return to Stynx's entrance and speak to a new Joker. [[spoiler:He'll seemingly challenge you to a fight, only for the game to cut to some parody character, Ryan, who wears a headband taht says "Not Leon". He'll attempt to fight the punks from the first battle of the game, only to realize the developer didn't implement a battle system, causing him to beam out of here. Talking to the Joker again will seemingly have him challenge you for real this time, only for him to admit he'd probably lose. He then leaves after giving the party a special key item.]]
* GameBreaker: G.U.A.R.D.I.A.N., a sync that causes a character to always deal 1100 damage no matter what, on a character with multi-hit attacks. Indy in particular is good for this; with the right mode, she can dish out 5500 damage every other turn and heal 550 HP with every Drain spell. (Violet is also a good candidate, capable of dishing out 3300 damage per turn with her machine gun attack)
** You can buy this sync from Tinder should you find him. You can even find this as a random treasure late in the game.
** C.R.I.S.I.S. is a static damage sync that deals 1400 damage per hit, making it stronger than the previously mentioned sync.
** Also the Vice/Pulsar/Chaos modes, which gives characters tons of EX and AP per round. Only downside is that they have extreme health degeneration, but with a good source of healing such as Erin, that's not a problem.
** [[OneStatToRuleThemAll Speed Boost/Crush Fields]]. Nothing can seriously challenge you when you're getting twelve turns to an enemy's one.
** Devices, special items that had passive effects such as increasing experience gain, were so gamebreaking that Neok actually made them DummiedOut! [[spoiler:You can gain them anyway by defeating the final BonusBoss, however.]]
** Equip two Zero-Systems and a Flame Bolster. Let your HP run out. Execute an EX attack. Watch the damage numbers go through the roof. One can be found in a chest, while more can be bought from Tinder within a small time frame.
*** Taken to [[ReadingsAreOffTheScale its logical conclusion]] in the UpToEleven link above.
** You can also buy enhancers, which [[RareCandy permanently raise your stats]], potentially making any character in the game a tank of you can spare enough money. They cost 2,000 Creds a piece for the single enhancers, 3,000 for one that raises two stats simultaneously, and 4,000 for raising all three. Just fight machine enemies that drop common parts and sell them; for every three or so you sell can get one regular enhancer. Near the endgame, the enemies will drop Rare Parts, which sell for a whopping 10,000 Creds. Prepare to watch your stats go through the roof.
*** Note that you will need to buy a ''lot'' in order to see any worthwhile change, as they only increase your stats by pitiful amounts. They can add up, though.
** Equipping Demon King Cradle or Tear of All Ocean to a character with a WPN-based AOE EX skill allows them to easily wipe out mobs of any type. Moreso with Jeebes, who with the right Mode and Facilitator setup can max his EX and AP on the first turn.
* SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments: [[spoiler:Indy cheering up Celia after she goes through a HeroicBSOD early in phase 7.]]
** [[spoiler:During the ending, Kugar telling Erin that if she gave her life back to him, he would simply return it again so that she could live.]]
* JerkassWoobie:
** Erin is very distrustful of everyone due to living in a ruthless place like Stynx and due to her father being an evil dictator.
** Dread is by far the biggest {{Jerkass}} of the team, but he has faced his own share of tragedy [[spoiler:due to his best friend betraying his gang. As a result, Dread ends up with his face burned beyond repaired and is sent to Stynx.]]
* NightmareFuel: [[spoiler:The Orbital Prison. ''Especially'' the core.]]
* RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap: Indy. She is no longer [[JokeCharacter completely useless]], and her personality has been tweaked, making her into less of a BrattyHalfPint and more of a legitimately well-done child character.
* TearJerker: If you didn't choke up upon seeing [[spoiler:Lavitz]]'s death, ''you have no soul''.
** [[spoiler:The ending]] doesn't pull any punches either. It contains no less than [[spoiler:''three'' (nearly four)]] {{Heroic Sacrifices}} in quick succession, and [[spoiler:Scott]]'s is absolutely heartbreaking.
** The cutscene explaining [[spoiler:Hawk]]'s backstory, where it's revealed that he [[spoiler:formed the Rebellion -- the one group that looked like it had actual morals in the game's CrapsackWorld]] -- just to preserve his pride. It's more dramatic than saddening, until [[spoiler:Celia]] -- a naive, six-year-old girl, looks at [[spoiler:Hawk]] like she's heartbroken, and says simply, "Old man...did you really [[spoiler:form the Rebellion]]...just to save your pride?"
** The early scenes with [[spoiler:Erin]] on a replay, when you know that she's lying to [[spoiler:Leon]] about not being a monster...yet you also know that she desperately wants to believe those lies as well. Imagining the internal pain and confusion she's going through is rather depressing.
* ThatOneBoss: Ultima Weapon and [[spoiler:[[DuelBoss Limit Leon]]]] are one of the few fights where you're pretty much guaranteed to say "screw this" and just chuck bombs.
** Also, [=GWeapon=]. It takes half damage from all Attack abilities, and there's only one character on your team at that point who is even ''capable'' of using a Spell-type ability. To make matters worse, it has a constant Debilitate field effect, which can render you helpless if you haven't bought a ton of Animant effects to cancel it out.