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YMMV: Alligator
  • Nightmare Fuel: Comes to the line and may be lost due to its cheesiness. But there is one genuine scene that will bring you nightmares: It's night and some kids were trying to play pirate by blindfolding one kid and trying to toss him to the pool. Little did the kids know that Ramon has already taken residence in the pool. The blindfolded kid opened the blindfold a bit, saw Ramon, and was screaming in terror, but was pushed anyway because they thought he's just being chicken, and Ramon ate him. And no, it's not Kids Are Cruel. Once the pushers realize what's going on, their sheer look of horror counts as one on the realization they just accidentally murdered their friend by feeding him to Ramon. So yes, it's not just 'alligator-ate-kid-in-a-pool', but the thought of a prank leading to an accidentally brutal murder would be the stuff of nightmares for kids.
    • Not to mention the Paranoia Fuel that came in to it. Come and swim at the night, the pool's vacant! ... Oh wait, there's a giant alligator about to eat you there.
  • Sequelitis: The so-called "sequel" Alligator II: The Mutation.
  • Squick: We get a pair of scenes in which Ramon not only eats people, he swallows them whole and alive.

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