YMMV / Air Fortress

  • Demonic Spiders: The evil spacemen, no doubt. This is because A) They have something approaching a survival instinct when it comes to dodging your shots, but more importantly B) They're the only enemies in the game that regenerate after being killed.
    • Not only that, but their projectiles fly really fast, making it nigh impossible to dodge if one is flying head-on at you. They also do a ton of damage, and even if you can stay out of their line-of-fire, they'll still try to fly in and collide with you.
    • The hopping robots that constantly spew bullets at you. Depending on where they appear relative to you, they're either not that much of a problem, or an utter nightmare rivaling the evil spacemen.
    • The floor and ceiling-mounted robots that shoot lightning when the player gets near them. The player can only get past in short intervals without destroying them, and if they get knocked into the lightning they can very easily get locked into a severe Cycle of Hurting.
    • The tiny rotating orbs that start appearing around Stage 3, fly in a diagonal pattern toward you, and in later levels are almost always blocking the correct warp tube and/or appear on very narrow vertical paths. Once they stop, the flames they shoot do a lot of damage. In the second quest, the colors are swapped in the Fortresses, making these guys blend into the now gray background and much harder to deal witt (not to mention the sheer number of them you'll run into).
  • Goddamned Bats: Most of the enemies in the Fortresses, to be frank. Most of them aren't that dangerous individually, but their tendency to hang out in groups, combined with your very short damage invincibility, makes it easy for you to take gobs of damage with little way to avoid it.
    • The nigh-indestructable turrets that fire homing shots definitely take the cake. No matter how dangerous everything else is, at least you can actually kill them without wasting bombs.
    • The aforementioned Flame Orbs become a real problem in the second quest.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Enemies in the Air Fortress, especially turrets, occasionally "spawn" pre-destroyed. Given that, with a few exceptions, destroyed enemies in the game do not regenerate, this is pretty helpful.