YMMV / Air Force Blues

  • Acceptable Targets: Fighter pilots in particular, but pretty much anybody in the armed forces is fair game.
    • The Civil Air Patrol is also poked fun at from time to time, particularly those cadets who insist that the Civil Air Patrol is part of the Air Force (it's not).
  • Growing the Beard - The strip started out as a long string of lame jokes aimed at fighter pilots and officers in general. The introduction of actual characters and story arcs improved the strip greatly.
  • Ho Yay - Barbie really likes Top Gun.
    • In the case of Top Gun itself, one strip consisted of alleged lines cut from the movie for being "too gay for the 80's," the first two being air combat puns... and the third being "I need some tight, male, fighter pilot butts!" (Allegedly the last one actually made it into the movie after editing.)
  • Tear Jerker - One story arc of the comic featured Barbie being deployed to Kamel Air Base and working with a Staff Sergeant in the Public Affairs office, based on a friend of the artist's. Midway through the story arc, the real life PA guy was killed in action when a helicopter he was riding crashed.