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Characters: Air Force Blues

Capt. Ken "Barbie" Dahl

Every fighter pilot stereotype rolled into a dumb as all hell package, convinced that he is not only God's gift to the Air Force, but to the entire Earth. Complicating things is his position in the 69th Pre-Emptive Nuclear Intercept Squadron.

Staff Sgt. Justin Coffman

The archnemesis of Dahl, he is everything the good captain isn't, including thoughtful, considerate, and not hyperinflated.

1st Lt. Lana "Leia" Willows

One of a very few female officers seen so far, "Leia" is the newest member to the squadron,as well as the most naive. And no, her callsign isn't a reference. (Those of you who don't get it, try dragging out the syllables) And yes, the princess does have daddy issues. Not what you'd expect.

  • The Ditz
  • Hidden Depths: As time wore on after her introduction and she got more character development her initial impression of being The Ditz faded away quite a bit.

Lt. Col. Mike "Deadlock" Roland

The level-headed commander of the 809th and the 69th PNIS, Roland has the responsibilities of two high priority missions squarely on his shoulders.

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