YMMV / Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall

  • Nightmare Fuel: The "Trauma" sequences from "Rommel?" "Gunner who?", a descriptions of particularly horrific nighmares Milligan had during the war, and are as horrible as you'd expect from actual nightmares of a soldier in a warzone. Possibly the worst was the one where he dreams he's run down by a German tank which crushes him from the feet up, ending with him vomiting his own entrails before he suddenly wakes up.
  • Values Dissonance/ Fridge Horror: "The girl, still in a sexual coma, was given Devine's rifle to hold while he terminated her contract." There's really only one way of reading what it means in context. Might have been funny for some in the mid-seventies.
    • Much of the memoirs suffer from severe Values Dissonance in the 21st century, with the generally obnoxious and laddish behaviour the lads get up to, but then it was World War II and they were very young. In the above example, there is in fact more than one way to read the passage: if the girl had literally been in a coma, she would not have been able to hold a rifle.