YMMV / Adekan

  • Author Appeal: Hmmm...do you think Tsukiji Nao loves elaborate costumes, sexy young men, Ho Yay, scenery porn, uniforms, men in lingerie and sexy costumes, cute girls, and heaps of rococo-level detail?
  • Awesome Art: Up to Eleven.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Anri.
  • Ho Yay: here
  • Take That Me: Shiro's method of umbrella-making, his unsuccessful attempts to sell his over-the-top creations, and how easily flattered he gets when Wakabayashi notes that he's put a tremendous amount of work into minute details that very few people will notice. Now look at the amount of elabourate work Tsukiji Nao puts into her art, backgrounds, and tiny details that very few people will notice...
    • At one point later in the manga, a famous novelist dismisses the work of a friend of his who wrote a story about a Hidden Elf Village Ancient Conspiracy, calling it ridiculous and unreadable. That ridiculous unreadable story is about the Ha Organization, the shadowy group that's been chasing Shiro and pulling the strings behind the scenes through the whole manga. Ouch.