YMMV: Adekan

  • Author Appeal: Hmmm...do you think Tsukiji Nao loves elabourate costumes, sexy young men, Ho Yay, scenery porn, uniforms, men in lingerie and sexy costumes, cute girls, and heaps of rococo-level detail?
  • Awesome Art: Up to Eleven.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Anri.
  • Ho Yay: Where to even start... It's impossible to list all the examples in this series, because its entire premise is fanservice.
    • Borders on not even being YMMV - a recent chapter has Koujiro making a declaration (or several) that could pass as a Anguished Declaration of Love.
    Chapter 12: "Shiro... depend on me more."
    Chapter 26: "Why am I so deeply attached to you? Even I don't know the answer."
    "I want him to rely on me more... I want Shiro-kun to believe in me more. When you go through hard times... I want you to depend on me. I want you to call out to me."
    "Shiro-kun... I'll support you and everything that's dear to you. I promise."
    • Kojiro and Shiro's relationship is just like that of lovers; they bicker, they make fun of each other, and they are both extremely protective of each other. Heck, they even live together (lampshaded by Saburouta's "congratulations"), though it's a rather pragmatic arrangement; Kojiro looks after Shiro because he's so lazy, and Shiro protects Kojiro surreptitiously from harm.
    • Well, everything involving Anri, really. It's canon that Anri is bisexual, happily admitting that "I love men and women!". Hilariously, a disgruntled Saburouta and Kojiro deem him an "omnivore".
    • Anri to his overprotective bodyguard Shinzo, whilst being straddled by him - "Do you want to sleep with me?"
    • Anri and Shiro were very close as children. One prime example being Shiro licking Anri's wounds, crawling between his thighs, and Anri quite literally gasping as he does so - from pain or arousal, and it's impossible to tell.
    • Wakabayashi has made Shiro his imaginary sex slave, naked and complete with collar.
  • Take That Me: Shiro's method of umbrella-making, his unsuccessful attempts to sell his over-the-top creations, and how easily flattered he gets when Wakabayashi notes that he's put a tremendous amount of work into minute details that very few people will notice. Now look at the amount of elabourate work Tsukiji Nao puts into her art, backgrounds, and tiny details that very few people will notice...
    • At one point later in the manga, a famous novelist dismisses the work of a friend of his who wrote a story about a Hidden Elf Village Ancient Conspiracy, calling it ridiculous and unreadable. That ridiculous unreadable story is about the Ha Organization, the shadowy group that's been chasing Shiro and pulling the strings behind the scenes through the whole manga. Ouch.