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YMMV: Adekan
  • Awesome Art: Up to Eleven.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Anri.
  • Ho Yay: Where to even start... It's impossible to list all the examples in this series, because its entire premise is fanservice.
    • Borders on not even being YMMV - a recent chapter has Koujiro making a declaration (or several) that could pass as a Anguished Declaration of Love.
    Chapter 12: "Shiro... depend on me more."
    Chapter 26: "Why am I so deeply attached to you? Even I don't know the answer."
    "I want him to rely on me more... I want Shiro-kun to believe in me more. When you go through hard times... I want you to depend on me. I want you to call out to me."
    "Shiro-kun... I'll support you and everything that's dear to you. I promise."
    • Kojiro and Shiro's relationship is just like that of lovers; they bicker, they make fun of each other, and they are both extremely protective of each other. Heck, they even live together (lampshaded by Saburouta's "congratulations"), though it's a rather pragmatic arrangement; Kojiro looks after Shiro because he's so lazy, and Shiro protects Kojiro surreptitiously from harm.
    • Well, everything involving Anri, really. It's canon that Anri is bisexual, happily admitting that "I love men and women!". Hilariously, a disgruntled Saburouta and Kojiro deem him an "omnivore".
    • Anri to his overprotective bodyguard Shinzo, whilst being straddled by him - "Do you want to sleep with me?"
    • Anri and Shiro were very close as children. One prime example being Shiro licking Anri's wounds, crawling between his thighs, and Anri quite literally gasping as he does so - from pain or arousal, and it's impossible to tell.
    • Wakabayashi has made Shiro his imaginary sex slave, naked and complete with collar.

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