YMMV / A Swiftly Tilting Planet

  • Mary Suetopia: Harcles tribe. Everyone in the tribe has a purpose, and no one ever questions his purpose in life. People rarely argue, and when they do, the Keeper of Harmony resolves the dispute and everyone accepts his judgement without further question. No one is considered better or more important than anyone else. The idea of one human killing another is literally incomprehensible to them. And despite the fact that they appear to have more or less a subsistence economy, Harcles has plenty of free time to wander in the woods, swim with his pet dolphin, or go flying on his pet eagle.
  • "Weird Al" Effect: Many readers may believe that St. Patrick's Rune was the author's own invention or (if they are familiar with St. Patrick's Lorica/Breastplate) that it was her own variation of the original. The truth is that the exact wording of the rune was taken from the longer "St. Patrick's Hymn Before Tara", written by James Clarence Mangan, a nineteenth-century Irish poet.