!! Tropes found in the radio show:
* ArchiveBinge: The last 14 years of the show are up on the website.
%%* ArchivePanic: See above.
* EarWorm: The Powdermilk theme, but also the saxophone-and-piano number that opens ''Guy Noir'', and the theme song itself--so recognizable that people in the audience cheer at the very first note.
* FollowTheLeader:
** It started off as an Upper Midwest, folk music-oriented take on ''The Grand Ole Opry'' before heading off in its own direction.
** On the flip side, ''Radio/TheVinylCafe'' clearly took inspiration from ''APHC'' but eventually evolved its own style. In the US, some public radio stations even air ''The Vinyl Cafe'' immediately following ''APHC''.
* HilariousInHindsight: Garrison Keillor's "I'm A Lutheran", from the 1990s, makes a lot of jokes about Episcopalians and how Garrison likes Lutherans more, Garrison Keillor is one of them (an Episcopalian) now.
* HoYay: Occasionally between Dusty and Lefty, the cowboys. They tend to say "my partner", which makes people think of [[HaveAGayOldTime the newer version of "partner"]].
* MemeticMutation: Keillor's red socks, invariably seen at the live shows. They're something of a personal trademark of his.
** Leading to a joke among some fans that Keillor will only retire when "he runs out of red socks"
* MorePopularSpinoff: Keillor hosted the weekday morning show on Minnesota Public Radio starting in 1969. After writing an article about the Grand Ole Opry in ''Magazine/TheNewYorker'' in 1974 he decided to try his own Saturday night live music variety show. He did both shows for a while, but the Saturday show was a big hit in Minnesota and became nationally syndicated, so Keillor quit doing the weekday show in 1982.
* NeverLiveItDown: The "Penguin Joke" became a RunningGag because the first time Garrison Keillor tried to tell it on the air, he badly flubbed the delivery. They've been repeating his mistake word-for-word ever since.
* ReplacementScrappy: Chris Thile has inevitably been hit by this.

!! Tropes found in the film:
* AcceptableTargets: Texans, evidently.
* TearJerker: Oh, God, yes...not least because of the thought of one's favorite radio show closing forever...