YMMV / A Mighty Demon Slayer Grooms Some Ponies

  • Ass Pull: See Diabolus ex Nihilo.
    • While there was some foreshadowing such as Megan's description of a woman her father disappeared with, the prophecies of Megan's 'second coming' and most importantly, the prophecy made by the G1 Twilight, many fans considered it inadequate.
  • Broken Base: Over the last chapter. Some readers were thrilled. Most consider the story to be ruined forever.
  • Canon Defilement: Dear God, Chapter Eight.
  • Diabolus ex Machina: The now retconned chapter Eight's revelation that Celestia and Luna are really Tirek and Grogar, and that their benevolent reign was all to get the Rainbow Of Light from Megan eventually, spending a whopping 5000 years on this plan.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Fans who loathed Chapter Eight for the controversial Reveal that 'Celestia' was Tirek all along got the last laugh, as the canon Tirek appeared as the villain in the season finale as an old adversary of Celestia. It's safe to say this plot development was kicked from the realm of possibility at escape velocity.