YMMV: A Man for All Seasons

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the 1966 film, the role of villianous Amoral Attorney Cromwell is played by Leo McKern who a few years later would become famous for his role of Rumpole of the Bailey, a dedicated defense barrister.
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • In the 1966 film, Orson Welles as Cardinal Wolsey.
    • Vanessa Redgrave as Anne Bolyn.
    • King Henry is also roughly this, though admittedly his one scene is fairly long, followed by another cameo at his wedding to Anne Bolyn.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: That giving up your personal values makes you give up your individuality is an ever-relevant message, even if it comes off as a bit heavy-handed.
  • What an Idiot: The Duke of Norfolk is short a few little gray cells, mostly so that the audience can get some much-needed legal exposition.
    Cromwell: Oh, well done, Sir Thomas. I've been trying to make that clear to His Grace for some time!