[[caption-width-right:180:"Calgary, (DramaticPause), Alberta, Canada"]]

'''Lance Storm''' (real name Lance Evers) is a professional wrestler best known for his time in Wrestling/{{ECW}}, Wrestling/{{WCW}}, and Wrestling/{{WWE}}. He started training alongside fellow Canadian wrestler Wrestling/ChrisJericho, with whom he would team with and occasionally feud with off and on around the world, including the [=WAR=] and Wrestling/{{FMW}} promotions in Japan and several independent promotions in Canada. After a brief tenure in Wrestling/JimCornette's [[Wrestling/{{SMW}} Smoky Mountain Wrestling]], they went their separate ways (though both ended up in the same promotions, it was never at the same time till 2001).

Lance Storm found success in ECW tagging with Wrestling/ChrisCandido and later forming the Impact Players with Justin Credible, with the beautiful Dawn Marie by their side. Eventually he left for WCW, where he is best known for holding the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wcw/wcw-us-h.html WCW United States Heavyweight Championship]], the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwe-c.html WCW World Cruiserweight Championship]], and the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wcw/wcw-hc.html WCW Hardcore Championship]] all at once. He awarded his Team Canada ally "Primetime" Elix Skipper the Cruiserweight Title, and awarded the Hardcore Title to another Team Canada member, Pierre Carl Ouelette.

Lance later started working for Wrestling/{{WWE}} when they purchased WCW in 2001, being the second WCW wrestler to win a WWE Title.[[note]]The first was Storm's former Team Canada ally Wrestling/MikeAwesome, who defeated Wrestling/JeffHardy for the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwf-hc.html WWE Hardcore Title]] on the July 12 (taped July 10) ''[=SmackDown!=]''[[/note]] He was fairly successful in WWE, winning the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/ic.html WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Title]] and forming a successful ForeignWrestlingHeel Tag Team with Wrestling/{{Christian}}, who won the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwe-world-t.html WWE World Tag Team Championship]] from Wrestling/{{Edge}} and Wrestling/HulkHogan, of all people. He also had a similar run with Wrestling/WilliamRegal as his partner. Eventually he retired from full time in-ring action to become a trainer, first for the WWE's developmental program before creating his own school, the Storm Wrestling Academy, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is also a regular guest on [[Wrestling/TheWrestlingObserverNewsletter Figure Four Daily]] with Bryan Alvarez.

As usual, you can find the basics about his career at [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lance_Storm The Other Wiki]].

!!! "These tropes are from Calgary, (DramaticPause), Alberta, Canada":

* TenMinuteRetirement: Originally intended to retire following a match against Jericho at ECW One Night Stand. He's since wrestled a few matches since his supposed retirement, but these matches almost always involve other close friends of his such as [[Wrestling/TheWrestlingObserverNewsletter Bryan Alvarez]], Wrestling/{{Christian}}, and ECW alumni. One notable exception was a match against Wrestling/BryanDanielson at Wrestling/RingOfHonor.
* ArchEnemy
** (in Wrestling/{{SMW}}): The Heavenly Bodies
** (in ECW): Chris Candido, Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lynn
** (in WCW): The Misfits in Action
** (in WWE): Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys, Wrestling/{{Kane}}, Wrestling/RobVanDam
* BookEnds: His first and last match of his full-time career were both against Wrestling/ChrisJericho.
* BoringButPractical: In WCW he used a half crab (later renamed the Straight Shooter) as a finisher. Previously the half crab had been more of a resthold; this was explained as Storm just being better at applying the hold than anyone else.
* BreakupBreakout: The Marty Jannetty to Wrestling/ChrisJericho, although very successful compared to most Jannettys and more successful than Jericho in WCW. Arguably the Wrestling/ShawnMichaels to Justin Credible, whose main event ECW run is overshadowed by Lance's upper midcard WCW run.
* [[CanadaEh Calgary, Alberta, Canada, eh?]]: Especially when he was part of Team Canada the Un-Americans. His wrestling attire was often red and white or incorporated maple leaves in some way.
* CardCarryingVillain: Even at ''ECW One Night Stand 2005'', where ECW was supposedly all on the same side against the ''Raw'' and ''[=SmackDown!=]'' "invaders," he still relied on cheating (Justin Credible hitting Jericho in the head with a Singapore Cane while Dawn Marie distracted the referee) to win, even though there would have been no way for Storm to get disqualified.
* CatchPhrase
** "If I can be serious for a moment..."
** "and that's from Calgary, (DramaticPause) Alberta, Canada!"
* TheComicallySerious: This was put to an end after Stone Cold got the crowds chanting boring at him and he began teaming with Val Venis in an effort to make it stop.
* CompositeCharacter: Style is a blend of Wrestling/BretHart-esque mat and submission wrestling and high flying similar to a young Wrestling/ShawnMichaels. He's even used both of their finishers (Sharpshooter and Superkick) at various points of his career.
* CoolTeacher: Called such by many talents in OVW, whom Lance would talk up on his website when he deemed any ready for the main roster. He later got a booking deal because of his work at the Storm Wrestling Academy. Also trained ECW teammate Justin Credible.
* DeadpanSnarker
** You'll see a lot of this on the Q&As of his website.
-->'''Q:''' What is the most difficult thing you have ever tried to do in the ring? \\
'''A:''' Convince people I enjoyed doing the cabbage patch.
** In fact, when someone asked him if he would mind being referred to as "The [[Series/{{Seinfeld}} Soup Nazi]], but for wrestling questions," he replied "Not in the least." If you send the man a question and he thinks it's stupid, he won't mince words.
** Even when presented a student's over the top serial rapist gimmick, his first response was "well, if you're going to rape people, you need to have better facial expressions."
* DoNotCallMePaul: He really doesn't like fans using his real ''last'' name.
* FlatCharacter: At one point during his WWE run. After Stone Cold Steve Austin came out onto the stage during one of his matches and chanted "Booorrrinnngg" before taking out a pillow, laying down and snoring into the microphone, he resolved to become more charismatic.
* ForeignWrestlingHeel: As part of the [=UnAmericans=]. "America Sucks," indeed.
* FunWithAcronyms: '''S'''askatchewan '''H'''ardcore '''I'''nternational '''T'''itle, very much a literal case of GettingCrapPastTheRadar.
* GagPenis: During the last period of his WWE career.
** HappyDance: A lot of viewers did not realize what the gimmick was supposed to be, so he had a bit of a double take when people told him [[Wrestling/LisaMarieVaron Victoria]] stole his gimmick, until he realized they were referring to her dancing for no reason.
* GimmickMatches: Like a stereotypical Canadian, Lance Storm is a vocal fan of "pure wrestling" matches. He is not a very big fan of table matches due to a phobia of screws somehow getting into him.
* GoneHorriblyRight: When Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin called Lance boring, it just killed Lance's heat. Before that, Storm could actually enrage a crowd very effectively with his monotonous, comically serious delivery.
* HiddenDepths: While Lance was always billed as TheStoic, any shoot interview with him reveals he's a pretty good DeadpanSnarker and actually pretty funny when telling stories.
* IHaveTheHighGround: The finisher of Sudden Impact/Thrillseekers, which was both Lance Storm and Chris Jericho doing a missile dropkick ''off of the same turnbuckle.''
* JackOfAllTrades: In WCW when he collected every undercard title, his success was attributed to his being this. Although he wasn't the best at any one style, he was above average in just about ''every'' style and could usually find and exploit a stylish mismatch against his opponent.
* JerkassHasAPoint: When Storm arrived in WCW he ended up teaming with Billy Kidman. Kidman made fun of Lance regularly, and would do stuff like dance around behind him and make faces while he was talking. Storm finally turned on Kidman, but to be fair Kidman was really asking for it.
* MaskedLuchador: As the "Ideal Canadian"
* MeaningfulRename: In WCW, renamed the United States Heavyweight Title to Canadian Heavyweight Title, the Hardcore Title to Saskatchewan Hardcore International Title, and the Cruiserweight Title to The 100kg and Under Title.
* OddFriendship: With Wrestling/{{Goldust}}, who else?
* PowerStable
** (in ECW): [[Wrestling/ShaneDouglas The Triple Threat]]
** (in Wrestling/{{WCW}}): Team Canada, with Elix Skipper, Jacques Rougeau, Carl Pierre Ouelette, Major Gunns, [[Wrestling/HacksawJimDuggan "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan]][[note]]After a [[FaceHeelTurn heel turn]][[/note]], Wrestling/MikeAwesome and Kid Romeo.
** (in Wrestling/{{WWE}}): The [=Un-Americans=]: with Wrestling/{{Christian}}, Wrestling/{{Test}} and Wrestling/WilliamRegal.
** He also was a member of the Alliance.
* RedBaron: The technical wizard
* ShoutOut
** The Impact Players name was a reference to Sudden Impact, the name for Jericho and Lance in Japan. Their victory pose was lifted directly from the Wrestling/ShawnMichaels[=/=][[Wrestling/KevinNash Diesel]] and [[Wrestling/{{DGenerationX}} DeGeneration X]] victory pose (Justin Credible was something of a fringe member of Wrestling/TheKliq. Scott Hall mentored him backstage in his Aldo Montoya days, leading to him traveling with them. In February 2001, he made his WWE TV return by running in to make the save for X-Pac.)
** Lance used to wear the WCW Monday Jericho shirt in ECW and years later in Ring of Honor started using Fozzy songs as entrance music.
* StillGotIt: After retiring, when he came back to wrestle Wrestling/BryanDanielson (considered by many to be probably the best wrestler in the world) and showed he could keep up with him for 30 minutes straight and nearly beat him, he received a huge chant of this from the Wrestling/RingOfHonor fans (along with chants of [[SugarWiki/HeartwarmingMoments "Thank You Lance!" and "Please Come Back!"]]).
** Six years later, he made another appearance in [[Wrestling/RingOfHonor ROH]] to face Mike Bennett, which was almost as well received. Lance might not wrestle very often anymore, but he make sure it's worth it when he does.
* TheStoic: Almost never smiles. This extends to his personal life too.
* TagTeam
** Sudden Impact/The Thrillseekers, with Wrestling/ChrisJericho
** The Impact Players, with Justin Credible
* TrademarkFavoriteFood
** Cracker Barrel. He actually carries around a map showing every Cracker Barrel location when he travels to the U.S.
** Tim Horton's coffee is getting there, to the point where not finding one was the biggest worry of his trip to Iqualiut.
* UnderwearOfPower: It is only the most common outfit in professional wrestling.
* UnrelatedBrothers: According to Lance Storm, the Hardy Boys, The Steiner Brothers, Wrestling/TheUsos and the Mcmahons are not really related. The only real siblings in professional wrestling are him and Victoria.
* VitriolicBestBuds: With Wrestling/ChrisJericho. While he credits Jericho for keeping him in the business, he would also shoot down any of Chris's lame ideas for ring names, finishers, etc. with brutal honesty.
** HilariousInHindsight: Lance shutting down one finisher name, The Boomstick, in 2007 became funnier in 2012, when TNA's Jay Bradley used it as his finisher's name.
* [[WearingAFlagOnYourHead Wearing A Flag On Your Tights]]
** Before switching to the aforementioned UnderwearOfPower, his tights were in red and white Canadian colors, as can be seen on this very page.
** The Un Americans wore the Stars And Stripes upside down.
* WrestlingFamily: A running gag on his website was that The Hardy Boys and everyone else anyone cared to ask about were not really related because he and Victoria were the only true siblings in wrestling. Victoria mentioned on ''byte this'' that she did not really mind.