'''Dramatic Dream Team''' ([=DDT=]) is a Japanese independent wrestling promotion founded in 1997 by Sanshiro Takagi. [=DDT=]'s style is a unique blend of puroresu, sports entertainment, and comedy. In many respects, [=DDT=] is a parody of American professional wrestling, with many over-the-top characters and sometimes bizarre match types.

It is an affiliate of the Global Pro Wrestling Alliance, which also includes Wrestling/RingOfHonor, Wrestling/ProWrestlingNOAH and Wrestling/ProWrestlingZero1. ThatOtherWiki [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dramatic_Dream_Team has more info on DDT.]]

!!! "Dramatic Dream Tropes":
* ALoadOfBull: Bull Armor TAKUYA
* ATasteOfTheirOwnMedicine: Akira Tozawa got so fed up with Danshoku Dino, he tried to out gay him...he failed but Dino was thrown off his game for a little bit.
* TheAce: HARASHIMA is known as "King Of The Indies" as was the ace of DDT for a long while.
* BadassBystander: A random photographer won the Ironman Heavymetal Weight Championship by hitting Wrestling/AjaKong with a hammer while she was coming out for a match. After the match, she tracked him down and gave him a [[FinishingMove uraken]].
* BananaPeel: Super Sasadango Machine wore one on his head to counter Kazushi Sakuraba's double face stomp finishing move.
* BattleStrip: Danshoku Dino and Michael Nakazawa wore multiple thongs, which they continually stripped off during a match, almost to the point of them getting naked.
* BeardedLady: {{Subverted|trope}}, Ladybeard is actually a man.
* ComedicSpanking: HARASHIMA spanked Kota Ibushi for attempting climb up the ropes for a moonsault during HARASHIMA's open weight title defense.
* CampGay: Danshoku Dino
* CommutingOnABus: Kota Ibushi due to a dual priority contract with Wrestling/NewJapanProWrestling.
* CoolMask: Subverted by Wrestling/KazushiSakuraba's, as he can't see through it and risks running into things or falling off the stage during his entrance.
* {{Crossover}}
** American Balloon, Danshoku Dino and [=Masamune=] competed as Team DDT in ''Wrestling/{{CHIKARA}} King of Trios 2007.''
** The Differ Cup Scramble Tag Team Tournament, hosted by DDT, IWA Japan, Wrestling/MichinokuProWrestling, Wrestling/ProWrestlingNOAH and Wrestling/ProWrestlingZERO1.
* {{Expy}}: Sanshiro Takagi himself is an Expy of Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin, right down to having the same glass shattering sound that begins his entrance music.
* FanDisservice: Suguru Miyatake and Takayuki Ueki bra and panty from bubble match, unless two hairy guys in that situation is your thing.
* FunnyForeigner: Kenny Omega, the Canadian Cartoon Character, Ladybeard, the male Australian Pinup Model.
* GarbageWrestler: Generally those who compete for the DDT Extreme Title belt.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: The Golden☆Lovers Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi call their finishing move the "Golden Shower".
* GimmickMatches
** No rope escape match, no grappling allowed match, two count pin to win match, give up only, ''super'' TLC match (they fight for a tote bag)
** A rumbles rules match sees the gimmick of the match change multiple times as it goes on.
* HandshakeRefusal: HARASHIMA refused to shake Kota Ibushi's hand after losing the Open Weight title to him, leading to Ibushi to follow HARASHIMA trying to get a hand shake and HARASHIMA punching Ibushi's palm.
* IHaveTheHighGround: Special mention goes to Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega's synchronized 450 splashes from the same turnbuckle.
* JapaneseRanguage: Cherry is sometimes billed as Che Li
* {{Jobber}}: There is even a title belt for them, The King Of Dark Championship, which is retained by being defeated. And, as the name implies, it is "defended" in dark matches, meaning a good deal of the audience doesn't even know it exists!
* {{Mummy}}: [=Mecha Mummy=]
* PowerStable: Akebono Army, Yoshiko Army, Nakazawa's Army, Danshoku Dino's Army
* PowerTrio: The KO-D Six Man Championship contenders
* RockPaperScissors: The [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/japan/ddt/ironman-hm.html [=Ironman=] Heavymetalweight Title]], a {{Parody}} of the [[http://www.wrestling-titles.com/wwe/wwf-hc.html WWE Hardcore Title]]'s "24/7 Rules," has changed hands this way.
* ShoutOut: The stable of Danshoku Dino, Masa Takanashi, Hikaru Sato and Keisuke Ishii, Belt Manga/HunterXHunter.
* SignificantMonogram: The King Of Dark has the same initials as the KO-D Openweight title, the top belt in DDT.
* SlowMotion: The final of the Kazushi Sakuraba vs Super Sasadango Machine match at ''Saitama Super DDT 2015'' was live action slow motion, with dimmed lights, and narration coming off the big screen. When the special effects cut off they went back to regular speed and Machine lost quickly.
* TournamentArc: ''[=DDT48=]'' and ''King of DDT'' are two of their big annual events.
* WholesomeCrossDresser: Rookies Shun Miyatake and Hiroshi Fukuda were made to dress like women and to entrances of Kazuki Hirata and Magnum HIRATA.