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Wham Episode: InuYasha
  • Inuyasha may be slow-going, but when it develops it's rather shocking.
    • Episode 2, Kagome shatters the Sacred Jewel, starting the epic quest to collect and regain its complete form.
    • Episode 15, Kikyo, previously a posthumous character is Back from the Dead.
    • Episode 16 introduces the true Big Bad, Naraku, drastically changing the story from mostly Monster of the Week to a Myth Arc
    • Episode 20-21 reveals Naraku's true origins as Onigumo and his first meeting with Inuyasha face to face.
    • Episode 40- reveals that Naraku can divide himself into several incarnations such as Kagura.
    • Episode 43- the first appearance of Inuyasha's Super-Powered Evil Side and the Tessaiga breaks for the first time.
    • Episode 47- reveals that Naraku still has feelings for Kikyo as Onigumo's heart still beats within him.
    • Episode 50 reveals that Kohaku is Forced Into Evil by Naraku in order to forget his memories and be his assassin.
    • Episode 51- The reemergence of Inuyasha's Super-Powered Evil Side
    • Episode 57- Naraku revealed to be a half demon.
    • Episode 123, Naraku becomes a Physical God, followed by Episode 124 when he "murders" Kikyo.
      • Later revealed to be alive, but the wound is mortal and is slowly killing her.
    • Episode 125, The Infant, another of Naraku's incarnations, reveals Naraku's plan to use Kagome to find the last Jewel Shard.
    • Episode 128, Naraku learns the location of the last Shard.
    • Episode 144, the location of the last Shard is in the graveyard of Inuyasha's dead father.
    • Episode 147-148, the truth of the tragedy between Inuyasha and Kikyo.
    • Episode 149, Kikyo might still be alive.
    • Episode 153, Kohaku finally remembers his tragedy that led to his death and the atrocities he committed as Naraku's pawn.
    • Episode 154, Naraku kills Tekkei, the phoenix demon and opens the gateway to the netherworld.
    • Episode 164-167, the group learn that Naraku has taken a demon aura nullification orb and given it to The Infant, introduction of Moryomaru and Kagura finally starts openly defying Naraku.
    • The Final Act manages to outdo its predecessor due to its quick pacing
      • Episode 1, Kohaku, with his memories returned is finally reunited with Sango, Moryomaru possesses Naraku's heart, Hakudoshi is finally killed and Kikyo's time is finally running out.
      • Episode 2 Kagura is killed by Naraku and Kikyo learns that Midoriko, the priestess who created Sacred Jewel is trying to complete it through Kikyo.
      • Episode 3 After losing Tokajin, Sesshomaru's Tenseiga is reforged to produce the Meido Zangetsuha.
      • Episode 6 Moryomaru absorbs Naraku, only to be absorbed himself, along with The Infant, Miroku sucks in the Yoki concealing orb, but if he uses it again, he'll surely die.
      • Episode 8 Kikyo finally dies for real.
      • Episode 11 Kanna dies and imparts information about Naraku's weakness to Kagome.
      • Episode 12: Hiraikotsu is broken, Sango reforges it into a stronger weapon and Miroku can now Feel No Pain due to a special potion.
      • Episode 13: Sesshomaru completes the Meido, but realizes the technique was always intended for Inuyasha. And that the Tenseiga was once part of the Tessaiga.
      • Episode 15: The Meido Zangetsuha now belongs to Inuyasha and Tesseiga goes back to being a normal sword.
      • Episode 16: Kagome's true power is being sealed for some reason.
      • Episode 17: Magatsuhi, the Evil spirit that dwells in the Sacred Jewel, and he was the one who sealed Kagome's full power. He also easily beats Sesshomaru. However, Sesshomaru gets a new, more powerful blade named Bakusaiga, used to defeat Magatsuhi, he also regains his old arm.
      • Episode 20: The Sacred Jewel is once again complete as an utterly corrupt source of power for Naraku is exploit.
      • Episode 24: Turns out Naraku's wish to be a full demon wasn't true.
      • Episdode 25: The Sacred Jewel itself imprisons Kagome in a Lotus-Eater Machine so it use Kagome as a source of energy to continue the cycle forever; That and it turns out Magatsuhi turns out to be Not Quite Dead as the demons that make up him decide to stop Inuyasha.

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