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''Word World'' is a [[WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs very odd]] preschool show that centers on {{Funny Animal}}s and a [[FurryConfusion non-anthro dog]] -- who are all living ''words''. They live in Wordville and can build new things out of letters. If you need a house, just build one out of the appropriate letters.

Pretty convoluted for something that's meant to teach kids how to spell, but whatever works.

Target has made a '''lot''' of merchandise for the show.

[[Characters/WordWorld The Characters page]].
!!Tropes used:
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Either there are two main cats, one a blue Siamese cat and one a purple cat with a white muzzle, facial blaze, and white paws, or Cat changes color depending on her job in the episode. Also, why are Sheep's arms and legs purple? Pig's hooves . . . [[PurpleIsTheNewBlack they sure like purple in this show]].
* CarnivoreConfusion: Shark
* CatchPhrase: "We still have all the letters... so all the we have to do is build a word!"
* ChasteToons: Pig's three nephews
* ChristmasEpisode: "The Christmas Star / A Christmas Present for Dog"
* DeadpanSnarker: Duck
* DisembodiedEyebrows
* ADogNamedDog.... [[UpToEleven and a sheep, and a bear, and a duck, and a frog...]] [[SerialEscalation Their bodies are actually made of their name.]]
* TheEveryman: Sheep
* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks: Averted with shark.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin: The animals themselves.
* ForgottenBirthday: In "Happy Birthday, Dog!", Dog believes everyone has forgotten his birthday, but they're planning a surprise party.
* FourLeggedInsect: Inverted with Cricket and averted with the other insects.
** Cricket has eight legs like an arachnid and Spider has six legs (and two antennae) like an insect.
* FunnyAnimal: Everyone except Dog and Cow.
* FurryConfusion: Cow and Dog rarely talk, though often Dog's barks sound close to words. There are even realistic sea creatures.
** Dog can't talk, but he actually owns a house, whereas Pig lives in a barn, Bear lives in a cave, Sheep lives in hay, Frog lives in a log, and Duck has a nest.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Pig and Ant, Duck and Frog, and Bear and Sheep
* InteractiveNarrator: He is sometimes heard talking with the characters, usually at the beginning of a story.
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: Potentially any noun that refers to a living thing.
* LivingProp: Cow
* MerchandiseDriven: Tons of merchandise sold at Target. The new characters introduced for merchandise who don't appear in the show presumably have been KilledOffForReal.
* MinorInjuryOverreaction: In an episode in which Pig is sneezing, Sheep attempts to ''take him to the hospital.''
* NoCartoonFish: Only a few cartoony fish have been seen.
* OurMonstersAreDifferent: Monster, who is a red monster shaped like his name.
* PartiallyCivilizedAnimal: Any four-legged WordWorld character (Tiger, Elephant, Turtle, Monkey, Dog, Cat, and Goat)
* ShapedLikeItself: Litteraly.
* SingleMindedTwins: Pig's nephews
* TheSmartGuy: Frog
** Except when his LargeHam qualities turn him into a KnowNothingKnowItAll.
* SteamNeverDies: The train is a large blue steam locomotive shaped like the word "TRAIN" that is for some reason fuelled by letters, couldn't decide whether it should have a 2-2-2 or a 4-2-0 wheel arrangement, and doesn't have anyone driving it.
* {{Tagline}}: "Where words come alive"
* TailfinWalking: Shark
* YouCanPanicNow: In "Happy Birthday, Dog!", Duck calls for everybody to panic after they drop the cake and the letters fall apart. Pig, however, is the voice of reason, reminding them that they still have all the letters, so they can still build the word.