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->He's a little lamb with a lot to learn!
->Timmy! (Baa!) It's Timmy! (Baa!)
->He's a handful of trouble at every turn!
->Timmy leaves the farm and goes out into the world.
->Trying to be cool, he's #1!
->He joins all his friends on the big adventure.
->And he's always having such a lot of fun!
--> [[ExpositoryThemeTune Theme Song]]

[[SpinOff Spinning off]] from Creator/AardmanAnimations' ''WesternAnimation/ShaunTheSheep'', ''Timmy Time'' follows that show's EnsembleDarkhorse as he heads to an all-animal preschool run by a pink heron named Harriet and a purple owl named Osbourne. There he meets Yabba the Duckling, Paxton the Piglet, Mittens the Kitten, Ruffy the Dog, Apricot the Hedgehog, Stripey the Badger Cub, Kid the Goat, Otus the Owlet, Finlay the Fox Cub and Bumpy the Caterpillar, and [[AnAesop learns various lessons]] about getting along with others.

The series started in April 2009. If you live in the show's home of the United Kingdom, you can find ''Timmy Time'' on [=CBeebies=]. If you're in the United States, the home for the program is [[Creator/DisneyChannel Disney Junior]] (formerly Playhouse Disney), and Canadian viewers can see the show on Creator/TreehouseTV. Australian viewers can watch it on two channels, [[Creator/TheABC ABC Kids (shared with young adult-orientated channel ABC2)]] and Disney Junior (only on pay TV).
!!This series provides examples of:
%%* AnimalStereotypes
* AnthropomorphicShift: Timmy (and his mother in the credits) are much more anthropomorphic than in ''WesternAnimation/ShaunTheSheep'' (where, again, the sheep were more anthropomorphic than they were in ''WesternAnimation/ACloseShave''). They also live in a world where animals go to preschool, which doesn't entirely fit with the ''Shaun the Sheep'' setting, where the sheep are basically treated like sheep.
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Happens to Timmy ''all the time''. Justified, since he's a toddler and is naturally curious about stuff.
* AttentionWhore: Often an episode's conflict is set off by Timmy wanting to hog attention, only to learn his lesson. To be fair, his need for attention is balanced out by wanting to help his friends.
* BathsAreFun: "Timmy Needs a Bath" focuses on Timmy trying to avoid one. Eventually, however, he permits his teddy bear to go into the bath, however. Then, once he gets in, he splashes and has fun.
* CunningLikeAFox: Finlay, who is more of a {{Keet}} than a {{Trickster}}.
%%* CuteKitten: Mittens
* EscalatingWar: Non-violent variation in "Timmy the Train": Timmy and Mittens both want to lead their friends as pretend trains, and take advantage of the others' [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny attraction to shiny objects]] by making their costumes increasingly complex.
%%* ExpressiveEars: Timmy and some of the other characters
%%* HalloweenEpisode: "Timmy Gets Spooked"
%%* MessyPig: Paxton
* TheOwlKnowingOne: Osbourne is the more patient of the teachers. His son Otus also tries to follow his example whenever possible, mimicking his actions.
* PokemonSpeak: Most characters make their respective animal noises, but since most kids don't know what sound badgers make[[note]]For those curious, it's "churr", "chitter", "growl", and "kecker"[[/note]], Stripey just says "[[WebAnimation/WeeblAndBob Badger, badger, badger]]".
%%* PreciousPuppies: Ruffy
* ShrinkingViolet: Apricot, who responds to anything frightening by rolling up into a ball.
* SleepyHead: Stripey is generally in a dozy state, though, to be fair, this is because badgers are nocturnal.
* SpinOff: This show is a double example: it was spun off from ''WesternAnimation/ShaunTheSheep'', itself a spin off of ''Franchise/WallaceAndGromit''.
* TheSpeechless: As on ''WesternAnimation/ShaunTheSheep'', all the animals make their respective noises rather than speaking like humans.
* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: Harriet [[PinkGirlBlueBoy is pink]] and wears a pearl necklace.