''This Just In'' is an animated sitcom that ran for a few episodes in 2004. The animation is similar to ''Webcomic/PennyArcade'', yet the humor is targeted on politics.

The show is about Brain Newport and his friends going though life's current events in the UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush era of American politics.
!!'''Tropes in this series include:'''
* AmbiguouslyGay: Brain Newport.
* AssholeVictim: Brain Newport.
* AuthorAvatar: Steve Marmel as Brain Newport.
* BigBad: A George W. Bush parody & Crige's wife.
* BlackBestFriend: Jimmy.
* BerserkButton: Crige's wife fills this trope.
* ButtMonkey: Brain & Crige.
* ClusterFBomb: Blackjacked.
* DerangedAnimation:
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: The ''ScoobyDoo 2'' scene in "Blackjacked".
-->'''Scooby-Doo parody:''' Ruck you, you rupid romo.
* {{Gonk}}: Crige's wife.
* IdiotHero: Brain Newport.
* NightmareFace: Crige's wife.
* OhCrap: [[http://www.myspace.com/video/media-morons/don-39-t-drive-with-ted-kennedy/5106728 Kennedy+Brige=The mild version of Oh Crap]]
* OnlySaneMan: Jimmy.
* TheMoralSubstitute: This show is ''sometimes'' cited as a conservative alternative to ''TheSimpsons'' and ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''.
* ThoseTwoGuys: The Bush guards.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: [[spoiler:Brain had to lie about naked pictures to Bush]].