->''"Welcome to the Wacky-wack-wack''\\
''Wacky, wacky-wack-wack!''\\
''Welcome to the Wacky World of Tex Avery!"''

''The Wacky World of Tex Avery'' is a SixtyFiveEpisodeCartoon show that [[Creator/DICEntertainment DiC Entertainment]] produced in 1997 and 1998 before going defunct a few years later. Named after the late great Creator/TexAvery, a cartoonist who is most famous for his work at Creator/WarnerBros and Creator/{{MGM}}, the creator Brody Dowler describes the show as "homage to the brilliant, hilarious and groundbreaking animator Tex Avery and the wonderful squash-and-stretch cartoons of his era". The series was an attempt to capture the true aspect of his genius and his classic characters such as Droopy, George & Junior & Screwball Squirrel.
!!The show contains the following shorts:
* Tex Avery: A goat-riding cowboy who saves the day and his girl Chastity Knott from his nemesis Sagebrush Sid (no relation to the real one). Based on Creator/BobClampett's character Red Hot Ryder from "WesternAnimation/BuckarooBugs"; although it always appears as the opening segment, not every episode has a Tex Avery segment.
* Einstone: A brilliant caveman who is the world's first inventor, trying to teach the other cave people how to be civilized with his inventions; a play on the name UsefulNotes/AlbertEinstein, he's also loosely based on another one of Tex Avery's cartoons, "The First Bad Man."
* Ghengis & Khannie: Ghengis the Lionhearted leads his army across the world to conquer in the name of his Emperor and meets a young female panda named Khannie who tends to ruin his conquering plans; a play on the name UsefulNotes/GenghisKhan, the former is based on the lion from "Slap Happy Lion".
* Maurice & Mooch: Maurice the Chicken outwits Mooch the Fox who tries to eat him, the former based on the canary character from "[[WesternAnimation/KingSizeCanary King-Size Canary]]".
* Pompeii Pete: A short bumbling Roman supercenturion from Pompeii was buried in lava and 2,000 years later is free to live in the modern world, annoying a businessman named Dan. [[DependingOnTheWriter Though Dan sometimes is portrayed as a criminal.]]
* Power Pooch: A normal dog gained superpowers after licking a superhero's shoe, becoming a superhero himself along with his blue cat sidekick Little Buddy.
* Freddy the Fly: An obnoxious fly bugs an obese billionaire named Amanda Banshee, the former loosely based on one of Tex Avery's earlier characters, Homer the Homeless Flea.

Is not to be confused with ''The Tex Avery Show'', a block of Avery's classic shorts aired on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s.

!!''The Wacky World of Tex Avery'' provides examples of:
* AdultsAreUseless: Maurice's parents are absolutely clueless that Mooch is trying to eat them or just Maurice.
* AffectionateParody: A whole lot.
* AmbiguouslyJewish: {{Lampshaded}} with Burrito.
** Averted with Amanda.
* AnimatedAnthology
* AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever: "Attack of the 50-Footed Woman" has a giant woman who has literally fifty feet.
* BrickJoke: So many...
* ButtMonkey: Mooch, Dan, and Amanda.
* TheCape: Power Pooch
* CatchPhrase
** Tex Avery: "You try to be a nice guy but no...!" "I don't think so."
** Sagebrush Sid: "What are YOU looking at?!"
** Pompeii Pete: "Scusi, scusi."
** Freddy: "Hiya, toots/pal/folks!"
** Amanda: "Time to die, fly!"
* CatsAreMean: In the Power Pooch shorts, except for Little Buddy.
* CoversAlwaysLie: Tex is shown riding a horse in his opening of his shorts and in bumpers, while he actually rides a goat. In one of the "We'll be right back" bumpers, his horse is shown abducted by aliens.
* CreepyChild: Subverted with Khannie.
** Arguably double subverted with Maurice.
*** Averted with Little Buddy.
* CuriousAsAMonkey: Pompeii Pete.
* CuteBruiser: Khannie, Maurice, and Little Buddy.
* DastardlyWhiplash: Dan has several traits of one.
* DeathIsASlapOnTheWrist
* DeathIsCheap
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything
* DoomyDoomsOfDoom
* TheDragon: Genghis, while the Emperor is arguably the BigBad.
** DragonInChief: Genghis does most of the conquering.
* TheEmperor: The Emperor, duh.
* EvilTwin: Power Pooch gets one in one episode. He wears [[DarkIsEvil black]] and has a skull on his chest.
* {{Expy}}: While Maurice is based on the character from "King-Sized Canary", he's also similar to Tweety Bird, sharing the blue sailor hat and having eyelashes despite being a boy.
* FieryRedhead: Amanda Banshee
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:
** A lot of the behavior Freddy does.
** In one "Power Pooch" short, Power Pooch-in-drags kisses the mayor's wife on the lips, believing she intends to poison him.
* GrandeDame: Amanda Banshee
* GrossUpCloseUp
* GrossOutShow: Played for laughs
* HarmlessVillain: Up and down in regards to Sagebrush Sid.
* HeartBeatsOutOfChest: Power Pooch catches sight of a female poodle name Fifi. His heart beats so strongly that as Fifi is walking by him, it actually blocks her path.
* InNameOnly: Really has nothing to do with the legendary Avery. Though as stated, it was meant as a homage.
* InOneEarOutTheOther: This visual gag happens to several characters but most frequently Dan and Amanda Banshee.
* {{Kawaiiko}}: Khannie and Maurice.
** Arguably Little Buddy as well.
* LullDestruction: There's almost never a moment where the characters don't talk or [[Main/VoiceGrunting even grunt]].
* LustfulMelt: Following the above-mentioned HeartBeatsOutOfChest moment, Power Pooch melts after Fifi passes by. Though the actual melting happens offscreen, the puddle he becomes is seen after Fifi leaves.
* NeverSayDie: Averted.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Genghis the lion's voice channels a bit of Sean Connery's.
* ThePollyanna: Khannie.
* PublicDomainSoundtrack: Both the show, and most (but not all) of the segments has an original theme based on PD music (e.g., ''Home on the Range'' for the Tex Avery segment, ''If You're Happy and You Know it'' for Einstone, ''Home Sweet Home'' for Maurice and Mooch, The ''Can-Can'' for the show itself, etc).
* RichBitch: Amanda Banshee, oh so much. She uses her servants as furniture, for one thing.
* ShoutOut: One "Maurice and Mooch" short has an Elmer Fudd-like hunter carrying a rabbit. Another Bugs-ish bunny showed up in a Tex cartoon. Amanda once saw Red's face in her mirror. One Power Pooch short was pretty much a rehash of WesternAnimation/KingSizeCanary". There were quite a few nods to the master, actually.
** Unintentional Shoutout to BOWSER, because one episode had a clip of him roaring from ''Videogame/MarioKart64''. Apparently, the guy in charge of the sfx for the episode thought it was a StockSoundEffect.
* SouthernBelle: Tex's girlfriend Chastity.
* {{Spexico}}: In one Tex Avery short, the LatinLand setting was [[ExecutiveMeddling changed]] to Switzerland in-story. But the Mexicans remained, thus making it close to this trope.
* TokenMiniMoe: Exaggerated with Khannie.
* WouldntHitAGirl: Tex. Not even a man in a dress.
* YellowPeril: The Emperor
* YesMan: Short men with {{Stepford Smile|r}}s that wear hats with signs that says "Yes!", and they always agree on their boss(es).