''The Magic Roundabout'' is an English dub for a French stop-motion show, ''Le Manège Enchanté''. When it was translated into English by Eric Thompson (father of actresses Emma and Sophie), rather than voice act the characters, he chose to narrate the whole thing himself. Because the BBC wasn't provided with any of the scripts and didn't feel like spending extra money acquiring and translating them, Thompson willfully ignored the original writing and dubbed the show based purely on the animation, including many gags that [[ParentalBonus appealed to parents]]. It subsequently became a CultClassic in the United Kingdom and was adapted into two feature films. Many viewers of the French show, unaware of the redub, were baffled by the show's English popularity.

In the 1980s, after Thompson's death, Creator/{{Channel 4}} acquired some episodes that had not been translated and hired Creator/NigelPlaner to adapt them in a pastiche of Thompson's style.

''Dougal and the Blue Cat'' (1972), the first movie, was itself a cult classic. It contained a satirical parody of racism (Blue is beautiful! Blue is best! I'm blue! I'm beautiful! I'm best!) as well as the first (and only?) songs to appear in a Magic Roundabout setting. The other film, a CGI version titled simply ''The Magic Roundabout'' (2005), had a much more epic plot and was later released in the US [[HistoryRepeats (with all but two of the original British voices re-dubbed)]] as ''Doogal'' [sic]. Despite its promise, the American release failed to capture the spirit of the original series and fell into obscurity.

!!This English localisation provides examples of:

* BarefootCartoonAnimal: Dylan the rabbit.
* BigDamnMovie: The 2005 film is about the characters trying to stop Zebedee's EvilTwin from creating a new ice age - a complete 180 from the RandomEventsPlot the series prided itself on.
* {{Catchphrase}}:
** "'Time for bed,' said Zebedee."
** "'Oh, what's the use,' said Dougal."
%% * CatsAreMean
* CutAndPasteTranslation: The American dub of the 2005 film was called ''Doogal'', and was advertised as an action-adventure film. It ended up being a mess of pop culture references, lame jokes, toilet humor, and TotallyRadical dialogue, all seemingly because the distributors believed that [[ViewersAreMorons American audiences wouldn't know what the hell the original series was]]. The dub ended up bombing at the box office, and ended Jon Stewart's film career.
* DeadpanSnarker: Dougal (his English voice is based on [[Radio/HancocksHalfHour Tony Hancock]]). Zeebad in the American dub of the 2005 movie.
* EruditeStoner: Dylan, although obviously he was never actually ''said'' to be stoned. He was just tired a lot. Really. However, the 2005 movie got a lot more blatant, including Brian chiding him that "This is no time to experiment with exotic substances!"
* EndlessWinter: Zeebad's EvilPlan was to freeze the sun and bring about a new Ice Age.
* FunnyAnimal: Mainly Dougal but there are several others.
* GagDub: The English version of the series used a script that was not a translation of the French, instead it was a new comedic script in English that Eric Thompson thought would suit an English audience.[[note]]This was likely (part of) the justification for the SameLanguageDub of the 2000s movie.[[/note]]
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: The American dub of the 2005 movie. The original version of the film made a couple of drug references.
* GrumpyBear: Dougal. "Oh, what's the use." is a CatchPhrase of his.
* AnIcePerson: Zeebad, from the 2005 movie.
* LongRunner: In France it started showing in 1964. As of 2012 it's still going.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: As mentioned above, Dougal's voice was based on Tony Hancock. And Dylan's voice is, well...
* TheMovie: Two in fact. Or three, if you count ''Doogal'' as a separate movie.
* NationalStereotypes: In ''Le Manège Enchanté'' Dougal had a heavy English accent and Dylan has a Spanish accent. In the original French show Dylan simply has mañana attitude.
* NeverTrustATrailer: The American redub was presented to be much better than it actually turned out to be.
* {{Redubbing}}: The film was redubbed for the American version and retitled "Doogal" from "The Magic Roundabout".
* ShoutOut: Dylan, the stoner/folk musician rabbit, after Music/BobDylan.
** The American dub of the 2005 movie is rife with shout-outs, with Franchise/TheLordOfTheRings, Film/TheShining, Creator/MontyPython, Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean, Franchise/HarryPotter, Film/DawnOfTheDead, Franchise/StarTrek, WesternAnimation/IceAge, Film/TheMatrix, Creator/JohnWoo, the Music/WuTangClan, Franchise/IndianaJones, Film/PulpFiction, WesternAnimation/ThomasTheTankEngine, Main/KingKong, Series/TheApprentice, Series/SoulTrain, Franchise/TombRaider, Series/CSICrimeSceneInvestigation, VideoGame/HaloCombatEvolved, Franchise/AustinPowers, Creator/DrPhil, Film/TheKarateKid, Film/DazedAndConfused, and even an ActorAllusion all mentioned.
* SlowNo: In the 2005 movie, Brian, Ermintrude and Dylan all do this when Doogal's chewed gum is about to trip a laser in the temple.
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: It's supposed to be "Dougal" and not "Doogal", no matter what the 2005 film's American re-dub might tell you.
* SuddenlyVoiced: [[Creator/KevinSmith The moose]] and the temple skeletons in the American dub of the 2005 film.
* SugarBowl: Would almost certainly count if it weren't for both of the movies.
* TalkingAnimal: Ermintrude is a cow, Dougal is a dog, all the characters talk.