Featuring a cast of dummies. this CGI animation short was created as part of the Crash Dummies toy series, itself based on a popular campaign of {{Public Service Announcement}}s.

Set in a world of living crash dummies, an accident with a evil dummy head and a prototype torso means the heroes Slick and Spin have to face Junkman and his army of Junkbots.

The video was only usually supplied with the toys (and was shown on FoxKids in 1993) but can be viewed on Website/YouTube.

See the video on [=YouTube=] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfuFEfxkY_I here,]] or [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMKtzw4Wn18 here.]]

!!This show provides examples of:
* AllCGICartoon Notable for being one of the first of its kind.
* BadBoss: Junkman regularly and without hesitation slaps around anyone he works with. Even his cat.
* BatmanGambit: Doctor Zub transfers the Torso 9000 blueprints into his own head, and then replaces the data on the disc with a beacon program. He proceeds to place the disc in an obvious place so the Junkbots would steal it.
* CatsAreMean: Junkman's Hubcat
* DescriptionCut: During the rocketsled test
-->'''Slick:''' Ted's really cooking now!
-->''Cut to Ted toasting a marshmallow on the rocket engine''
-->'''Spin:''' He makes it look like an art!
-->''Cut to Ted painting a safety symbol on canvas''
-->'''Doctor Zub:''' I trust he's paying attention.
-->'' Cut to Ted reading 'a farewell to arms' ''
* EvilIsDumb: Junkman's henchmen - Piston Head, Jack Hammer, and Sideswipe. When they try to shoot Slick and Spin who are on the way to Junkman's hideout, they just end up shooting each other without Slick and Spin even noticing.
* EvilLaugh: Junkman's got this down pat, verging on LargeHam territory.
* GlowingMechanicalEyes: Junkman, along with [[TalkingLightbulb light up mouth]].
* GoodIsDumb: Slick and Spin, but also most of the dummies.
* ImpactSilhouette: How the heroes find out that the Torso 9000 did indeed just get up and walk away.
* IncrediblyLamePun: The short is made of these.
* HurricaneOfPuns: So so many.
* LosingYourHead: One character spends most of the short as just a head. Oddly Junkman seems dependent on his torso unit for power.
* MadScientist: Well, mad roboticist.
* NamesTheSame: Sideswipe shares his name with [[{{Transformers}} a Transformer]] (several, actually).
* PullingThemselvesTogether: The dummies.
* RoboCam: Junkman's view of the world, including a things to do list with 'go out for lunch' and 'take over world' on it.
* SurroundedByIdiots: Junkman especially since the Junkbots were [[JustifiedTrope built from scrapped parts]].
* SwissCheeseSecurity: Despite numerous security doors, a short-sighted janitor can wander in and there are open windows.
* YouDontLookLikeYou: Although each character was recognizable for the most part. Sideswipe looks almost nothing like the action figure he was based upon.