An early 1980s AnimatedSeries by Creator/HannaBarbera, based on a group of animal characters from Hallmark greeting cards. In the ''Shirt Tales'' cartoon, the animal heroes had their base of operations in an [[BiggerOnTheInside old oak tree]]. The title came from the fact the message on their shirts changed constantly - usually reflecting what they were thinking of feeling at the moment.
!!This series provides examples of:
* AffirmativeActionGirl[=/=]SixthRanger: Kip Kangaroo.
* ChannelHop: From Creator/{{NBC}} to Creator/{{CBS}}.[[note]]However, this occured after the show ended production. CBS only showed reruns of the show.[[/note]]
* ExpressiveShirt
* FiveManBand
* ForgottenThemeTuneLyrics: First season only.
* [[FriendToAllLivingThings Friends to All Living Things]]
* GangOfCritters
* {{Half Dressed Cartoon Animal}}s
* KangaroosRepresentAustralia: Kip Kangaroo.
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: Fred Travalena's Bogey Orangutan was a voice caricature of HumphreyBogart, "schweetheart".
* OvertOperative: Possible subversion. No one is supposed to know who the Shirt Tales really are, let alone that they are five (later six) talking animals. The mere fact alone that they '''are''' talking animals is the perfect cover since most humans would assume that the Shirt Tales were also humans. So, they aren't as "overt" as the trope would imply.
* PandaingToTheAudience: Pammy Panda.
* SpeciesSurname
** AlliterativeName: The only exceptions are Digger Mole and Bogey Orangutan.
* WeHelpTheHelpless
* WestCoastTeam: The Western Shirt Tales from the episode "Moving Time" consisted of a prairie dog, a fox, a skunk and an owl.
* YetAnotherChristmasCarol: A non-Christmas example in "Save the Park"; features a character named "[[MeaningfulName Ebenezer Grunge]]".