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[[caption-width-right:346: Timothy, Chesty, and Algernon]]

A short-lived Creator/MetroGoldwynMayer/Marvel Productions animated series that ran on Creator/{{CBS}} between 1982-83. The villain was a purple cloak wearing alien sorcerer called Mondraggor. He attempts to steal [[PowerSource The Pyramid of Power]], a powerful and ancient artifact. The Pyramid shattered, and the pieces fell to Earth. Two humans, Peter Darrow and his sister Peggy, observe the falling pyramid pieces. When they go to China in order to locate some of the pieces, they encounter three talking Pandas: Chesty, Timothy, and Algernon, who were given power by some of the Pyramid pieces. The three could magically merge into Poppapanda in order to use supernatural powers. The humans and the Pandas team up to stop Mondraggor from assembling the pieces of the Pyramid.


* AccidentallyBrokeTheMacGuffin: Mondraggor, when he tries to steal the Pyramid of Power.
%%* DismantledMacGuffin
* EvilSorcerer: Mondraggor, the purple cloak wearing alien sorcerer who seeks to control the Pyramid of Power.
%%* HellishPupils: Mondraggor.
%%* InTheHood
* LeftHanging: The series was cancelled after 13 episodes and only after the heroes found part of the Pyramid of Power.
%%* LovableCoward: Timothy
* MindManipulation: Mondraggor's powers disappear while on Earth, except for MindControl. In the air, he can control Wind, Fire, Thunder and Lightning.
%%* NiceHat: Peter and Timothy
%%* PandaingToTheAudience: Does this really need an explanation?