[[quoteright:275:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Generation_O_6125.jpg]][[caption-width-right:275:Looks like something Creator/KlaskyCsupo would have made, doesn't it?[[note]]Counter-clockwise from bottom: Molly O!, Eddie, Yo-yo, and Nub.[[/note]]]]

''Generation O!'' was a cartoon from 2000-2001 about the life of a popular eight year old [[TheRockStar rock star]] named Molly O! (Yes, with the [[PunctuationShaker exclamation mark]]. It's her actual surname.)

Most episodes dealt with the fact that, despite being famous and acclaimed, she was still a child who had to obey her parents and follow the rules, much to her displeasure; and her struggles to fit in in school. ("What, your ears aren't pierced? Doesn't matter if you're a rock star. You are a loooser!")

* AllDrummersAreAnimals: Literally, in the case of Yo-yo.
* AmazingTechnicolorPopulation: Yo-yo, the purple kangaroo.
* [[AnnoyingYoungerSibling Annoying Older Sibling]]: Buzz.
* BandToon
* DisguisedInDrag: Molly dressed up as a boy in one episode to get into a boys-only monster truck rally.
* EmbarrassingDampSheets: In "Damp Sheets"... sure is self-explanatory.
* ExcitedShowTitle
* FakeBand
* FeeFiFauxPas: After Molly blames Buzz for causing a monster truck to destroy part of a building, later on she sings "I did it" in that episode's associated song instead of the proper lyrics, "I dig it."
* IntergenerationalFriendship: Between Molly and Nub.
* NoExportForYou: InUniverse example. The Dancing Schuberts try to sue Molly O! by claiming that she copied a song they made that was only released in Micronesia.
* OncePerEpisode: Molly O! would make a song in each episode, and the subject matter of said song varied depending on what the episode was about.
* SoupIsMedicine: Molly is fed soup when she gets a sore throat in "Deviated Tonsils".
* StopMotion: Buzz made a student film in one episode that was presented in this way.
* TitleDrop: In the first episode, a TV anchor says "Whatever happened to Molly O!?", which is the name of that episode.
* TheTonsillitisEpisode: "Deviated Tonsils".