''Doctor Snuggles'' (1979) is an animated television series created by Jeffrey O'Kelly about a friendly and optimistic inventor named Doctor Snuggles, who has unusual adventures with his friends in a [[DerangedAnimation psychedelic]] [[{{Wackyland}} world]].

Creator/DouglasAdams contributed a couple of episodes. The English-language version of the series featured Peter Ustinov in the title role.
!!''Doctor Snuggles'' provides examples of:

* AllNaturalGemPolish
* CatsAreSuperior: The Cosmos Cat
* DerangedAnimation: Talking trees are the ''least'' weird things you'll see.
* FriendToAllLivingThings
* FunnyAnimal
* GodGuise: Nobby once used super powers to impersonate an Egyptian god.
* GreenAesop: A few times.
* HongKongDub: Apparent in the English dub.
* PlanetLooters: Twice.
* RoadSignReversal
* TheSeventies: Easily able to tell from the soundtrack!
* WidgetSeries