'''''Da Boom Crew''''' was a ''very'' short-lived 2004 cartoon series created by Bruce Smith (''TheProudFamily'') that aired on Creator/KidsWB. Fourteen episodes were made, but the show was such a ratings disaster that only ''four'' of them were aired in the United States; the last 10 aired (un-dubbed) in the United Kingdom.

The plot: Four children create a homemade video game, and a power surge throws them into the game. The show details their adventures in this parallel world. They embark on a quest to find their missing game cartridges and stop the villain Zorch from taking control of the cosmos.

!!This show contains examples of:
* CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkeys: "Great Commander" Blurp is a coward who "scares easily" and he speaks with a French accent despite being from outer space.
* CutShort: Big time. Only 4 out of 13 episodes were aired in the U.S., though it did have a full run in the U.K.
* ExpositoryThemeSong
* FlatCharacter: One of the main reasons of the canceling of the show was that the main characters just weren't interesting. Along with having some rather bland design, they didn't have much going for them personality wise.
* JiveTurkey: Half of our main characters.
** PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy: The other half.
* MindScrew: It's not made clear whether [[TrappedInTVLand they got sucked into their game]] or [[ContrivedCoincidence they just happened to get transported to an alien world exactly like it]]. Thanks to the show being cancelled we may never find out.
* NotAGame
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Three guys, one girl on the hero team.
* TotallyRadical: If the title didn't tip you off to this, there's a lot of it in the show.