''DC Showcase: Catwoman'', also titled as simply ''Catwoman'', is a 2011 short animated film starring ComicBook/{{Catwoman}}. It is directed by Lauren Montgomery and written by Paul Dini. The film was released in 2011 as a bonus feature on the ''ComicBook/BatmanYearOne'' DVD, and character design and voice casting would imply that they take place in the same continuity.

In it, Catwoman attempts to track down a mysterious cargo shipment that is linked to a Gotham City crime boss called Rough Cut.

!!This short contains examples of;

* AuthorAppeal: Written by Paul Dini? [[ThisExplainsSoMuch That explains so much.]]
* AbsoluteCleavage: Occurs when Catwoman zips down her catsuit.
* BigBad: Rough Cut.
* BadassNormal: Catwoman of course.
* BlingBlingBang: Roughcut has a gold plated pistol.
* ClothingDamage: Catwoman's suit receives a pretty hefty helping of this by the end.
* ContinuityNod: The art style is identical to that used for the ''Batman: Year One'' animated film, although the setting is more modern. The end of the film demonstrates that Selina has the same shaved haircut and Holly Robinson appears in her ''Year One'' design.
* DanceBattler: Catwoman briefly demonstrates this in the club.
* DirtyHarriet: Catwoman poses as a stripper in order to get close to Rough Cut.
* {{Fanservice}}: Probably the highest amount out of all the [[WesternAnimation/DCUniverseAnimatedOriginalMovies movies and shorts]] so far. For one thing, a good portion of the first half takes place in a strip club (with even Catwoman herself getting in on the act, if only as a ruse).
* ForHalloweenIAmGoingAsMyself: Catwoman briefly pretends to be an exotic dancer in a Catwoman costume in order to get closer to Rough Cut.
* HeroStoleMyBike: After Rough Cut manages to escape from the club in a getaway car, Catwoman notices a lone biker outside the entrance. She seductively walks up to him, grabs his collar, and leans in as if to kiss him... then pushes him over, takes his bike and drives off.
* HotterAndSexier: Even by DCU animated standards, this sets a new bar.
* MadeOfIron: Selina takes quite a beating from Rough Cut and [[ActionGirl gives as much as she gets.]]
* MamaBear: Part of the reason Selina goes after Rough Cut is to rescue Holly.
* PunnyName: He's named Rough Cut due to his diamond teeth and diamond smuggling operation.
* SingleTargetSexuality: Sort of. Rough Cut ignores most of the girls at the club and is only mildly amused by the first dancer, but he's immediately taken with Catwoman.
* SheFu
* ShowSomeLeg: The entire point of Catwoman's "dance".
* SkintoneSclerae: As with ''Batman: Year One'', all of the character design sport these.
* UnderTheTruck: Catwoman slides her stolen motorcycle under a truck while chasing Rough Cut. For bonus style points, the truck is tipping over at the time.
* VictoriasSecretCompartment: Selina retrieves her whip and a golden cat collar from inside her suit by way of her undoing her top. This is quite impressive considering just how tight we see the suit really is.
* WhipItGood: As usual, this is Catwoman's weapon of choice.