''Bromwell High'' (2005) is a [[BritishSeries British]] [[AnimatedShows animated comedy.]]

[[DumbMuscle Keisha]], [[ReallyGetsAround Latrina]], and [[OnlySaneMan Natella]] form a ComicTrio at Bromwell High, an incredibly poor state school, and the show [[SliceOfLife profiles the wacky hijinks of their everyday lives.]] The show also notably averts TwoTeacherSchool by giving the teachers just as big of a part (if not bigger) in the plots as the students.

The series' thirteen episodes aired on Creator/{{Teletoon}} in Canada, and had an incomplete run on the UK's Channel 4. \

!!This British animated series provides examples of:

* AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil: The student council president is given absolute power, even above that of the headmaster, though this is only discovered by digging through the school records.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Tamsin.
* AllWomenAreLustful: The two female teachers tend to fight over the attentions of any new adult male characters.
* ApatheticTeacher: A school full of them.
** ''Especially'' Martin.
* AreYouPonderingWhatImPondering: Natella often asks Keisha this.
* BritishBrevity: Thirteen episodes.
* ButchLesbian: Ms. Gosby, ''so much.''
* ButtMonkey: Kylie. Mr Jackson. Natella to some extent
* CatchPhrase: Latrina has a bunch; most common are "* blank* is for gays!" and "Like me that time."
* CloudCuckooLander: Latrina and Mr. Philips.
* [[ClusterFBomb Cluster S Bomb]]:
-->'''Natella:''' Well? What did you think? Give me your honest opinion.\\
'''Keisha:''' You were shit. Shitter than shit. You were so shit that it made me want to block up my ears with shit, then eat some shit, and then do a shit.\\
'''Natella:''' Right. Latrina?\\
'''Latrina:''' ... Shit.
* ComicTrio: Latrina, Keisha, and Natella.
* CouchGag: Headmaster Iqbal's announcements.
* DialogueReversal: The "unethical" exchange; Natella toward Keisha, and then later vice versa.
* DumbBlonde: Latrina, to an extent.
* DumbMuscle: Keisha.
* TheDitz: Latrina again. In the episode ''Police Story'', her attempts at locating the cell phone thief mostly included overlooking ridiculously obvious clues, she didnt even realize she had stumbled across the case breaking clue until it was explicitly spelled out for her.
* DreadfulMusician: Natella and her sitar. The only cheers it got during the Music Talent Show was when Mr Beale smashed it.
* ExtremeOmnivore: Keisha eats her exam in "Goodbye Mr. Crisps".
* FreudWasRight: Martin's math diagram.
** Latrina's dream about a tunnel and a series of bigger and bigger trains.
* GRatedDrug: The contraband candy.
* HollywoodTourettes: Carol, although it's used as a one-off joke.
* IdiotSavant: Iqbal.
* InsufferableGenius: Natella
* OnlySaneMan: Natella - although she can be just as neurotic as any other character given the circumstances. Carol plays the straight man to Keisha an awful lot, as well, although Melanie plays the straight man to her when they're lusting after various men and Carol demonstrates her poor fluency with the double entendre.
* PrecisionFStrike: One of ''many'':
-->'''Iqbal:''' Remember: a vote for Iqbal is a vote for jobs. ''Your'' [[FunetikAksent modda fockin']] jobs!
* PyroManiac: Keisha, often to the detriment of the disabled students.
* ReallyGetsAround: Latrina and Kellie Edwards.
* RedHeadedStepchild: Kylie.
* SadistTeacher: Most of the teachers to some extent, but special mentions go to Mr Bibby who is heavily implied to be involved in everything from murders to human trafficking with Iqbad.
* StatusQuoIsGod
* TwoLinesNoWaiting: There's usually one plot for the kids and another for the teachers.