The best way to describe ''Beast Keeper'' would probably be something along the lines of ''Anime/DigimonTamers'' meets ''{{Franchise/Pokemon}}'' [[RecycledInSpace with yo-yos]] and sub-par animation quality.

The series revolves around a boy named Keep [[AmnesiacHero who has no memory of his past]], and happens to be in possession of an artifact called the Spin-Shell - which allows him to control legendary beasts called... [[ADogNamedDog BEAST]]. Joining him in his quest are Jay, Alice, Mac and Toto, who each obtain their own Spin-Shells as the series goes on. Also, they can merge with the... [[ShapedLikeItself BEAST]]... to form powerful hybrid warriors.


!!Beast Keeper provides examples of:
* AmnesiacHero: Keep
* {{Animesque}}
* KillerYoyo: The Spin-Shells are a variant.
* MonsSeries