This Creator/{{Filmation}} series on Creator/{{CBS}} was an early successor series to ''WesternAnimation/TheArchieShow''. As a FramingDevice, Archie and his friends worked at a Riverdale television station. The real purpose of the program, however, was to showcase these animated adaptations of newspaper comic strips:
* Broom Hilda
* The Captain and the Kids (based on ''ComicStrip/TheKatzenjammerKids'')
* ComicStrip/DickTracy
* The Dropouts
* Emmy Lou
* Moon Mullins
* Nancy and Sluggo
* Smokey Stover

''The Fabulous Funnies'', also produced by Filmation, was a later series on Creator/{{NBC}} with a similar concept. For its FramingDevice, a friend of ComicStrip/AlleyOop introduced the various segments.
In addition to the tropes found in the source material, this series provides examples of:
* AnimatedAnthology