[-[[caption-width-right:345:''[[EndingTheme "Come along with me,]] [[http://youtu.be/D3-Drla_Ke0 and the butterflies and bees..."]]''\\
[[note]]From top from bottom: [[ValleyGirl Lumpy Space Princess]], [[BadassAdorable Lady Rainicorn]], [[EverythingsBetterWithPenguins Gunter]], [[TheTrickster Marceline]], [[TragicVillain Ice King]], [[EmperorScientist Princess Bubblegum]], [[RoyallyScrewedUp Earl of Lemongrab]], [[FieryRedhead Flame Princess]], [[KidHero Finn]], [[FreezeFrameBonus The]] [[DemonicPossession Snail]], [[CuteMachines BMO]], [[AlmightyJanitor Peppermint Butler]], [[BrilliantButLazy Jake]], [[CoolOldLady Tree Trunks]].[[/note]]]]-]

->''"Adventure Time!\\
Come on, grab your friends \\
We'll go to very distant lands \\
With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human \\
The fun will never end, it's Adventure Time!"''

What time is it? [[DescribeTopicHere Describe]] ''Adventure Time''!

''Adventure Time'' (aka ''Adventure Time with Finn and Jake'') began as a seven-minute short created by Creator/PendletonWard. Originally produced to be a part of ''WesternAnimation/RandomCartoons'' on {{Creator/Nickelodeon}}, it was meant to premiere in Fall of 2007. The [[VarietyShow animated variety show]] was delayed until December 2008, but the short was previewed in 2006. As is the way of things, the previewed short was leaked unto the Internet and quickly went viral.

Why? Because it's [[WidgetSeries really]] [[DerangedAnimation frickin']] [[GainaxEnding weird]], that's why.

Both the original short and subsequent series feature the adventures of two best friends: [[ExpositoryThemeTune Jake the Dog and Finn the Human]] (Pen the Human in the original short). Their adventures are nonsensical, crazy, and bear more resemblance to a group of kids playing with action figures, or a particularly baked round of ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'', than a coherent plot... which is probably why it's [[RuleOfFun so dang fun]].

Much like ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'', it's sort of a cross between a children's show and a parody of a children's show. These elements are still very much present even after the show [[CerebusSyndrome took a turn for the darker]]. {{Creator/Nickelodeon}} passed on making it into a series, but their rival Creator/CartoonNetwork saw its potential and ordered two full seasons off the bat. It started airing on March 11, 2010 to the delight of 2 million viewers.

Thanks to the massive success of the series, the show has spawned an increasing range of spin-offs in other media, details of which can be found at the [[Franchise/AdventureTime Franchise page]].

The [[FutureSlang mathematical]] production blog, which also features [[FanArt art from fans]], is located [[http://adventuretimeart.frederator.com/ here.]] The algebraic [[TheWikiRule wiki]] is [[http://adventuretime.wikia.com/wiki/Adventure_Time_with_Finn_and_Jake_Wiki here.]]

On October 2nd, 2014, Pendleton Ward [[http://www.rollingstone.com/tv/features/adventure-time-the-trippiest-show-on-television-20141002 announced to Rolling Stone]] that he had stepped down from his position as the showrunner of the series. He claims that working on such a beast of a project just really wore him out. He continues to remain as a storyboard artist, script writer, and voice actor. Ward has since between succeeded as showrunner by Adam Muto, who has been involved with ''Adventure Time'' since the original pilot.

On September 29, 2016, [[ExecutiveMeddling after months of reruns not being aired frequently and new episodes not getting as heavy promotion as they once had]], Cartoon Network ''''[[https://twitter.com/cartoonnetwork/status/781549955282501632 announced on their Twitter page that the show would end]] in 2018. However, the series has continued going strong for the time being, with a total of ten seasons, making it one of the longest-running series on Cartoon Network[[note]]Only ''[[WesternAnimation/EdEddnEddy Ed Edd 'n Eddy]]'' surpasses it in terms of years on-air (10 years), and only the collective ''Franchise/Ben10'' franchise surpasses it in terms of episode count[[/note]]. With the amount of [[TheMerch merchandise]] and other media spinoffs the work as garnered, it's probably fair to describe ''Adventure Time'' as one of Cartoon Network's great success stories.

The [[Recap/AdventureTime Recap]] page is in need of more love.

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->'''''[[{{Tagline}} What Time Is It?]] [[TitleDrop ADVENTURE TIME!]]''''' [[note]]'''*CHING!*'''[[/note]]