The '''[[ Wayback Machine]]''' is a section of the Internet Archive. What makes this website so notable is that, while the Internet Archive is, [[CaptainObvious well]], [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin an archive of the Internet]], the Wayback Machine allows people to ''actually access'' past versions of web pages.

In other words, it's the browser version of a time machine.

Here's how it works: after accessing the WM website through the link at the top of this page, users can paste a URL address on the input-box next to the "Take Me Back" button, and then, after clicking said button, the user is shown a calendar-like list of archived pages (provided there are any). Dates written on blue dots are links to versions of that particular page archived on that particular date.

It's not 100% reliable - very often the particular page or image you remember most fondly will turn out to be missing from the Wayback archive.

This site is recommended to everyone who feels [[NostalgiaFilter nostalgic]] about certain sites prior to [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks unwanted changes]].

However, that very same kind of feeling is mirrored by part of TVTropes' community as well, so, for every troper who has never witnessed certain articles prior to deletion of either [[ExampleSectionectomy examples]] or [[Administrivia/PermanentRedLinkClub whole articles themselves]], [[*/ this link]] leads to the results for the TV Tropes MainPage in the Wayback Machine; changing the URL posted to that of either existing articles or Administrivia/PermanentRedLinkClub members, they can access most of the site as it used to be. [[ It's also a good way to]] [[ShowDontTell show (and not tell)]] exactly ''why'' certain articles are now perma-redlinked.