[[http://www.insidepulse.com Inside Pulse]] is a wrestling-cum-pop-culture website (with attached [[http://forum.insidepulse.com/ubbthreads/ forums]]) and is one of the more intelligent wrestling sites on the net. It covers ProfessionalWrestling, TV, Movies, Music, Sports, and just generally the world around. Especially worth a look are Creator/ScottKeith's hilariously, ridiculously bitter wrestling columns, Alex Lucard's columns on gaming & horror, and Penny Sautereau's comic book, tv show recaps, and wrestling articles that are generally guaranteed to piss SOMEONE off, usually trolls of a misogynist nature..

Arguably more famous at this point for its gaming reviews than its wrestling, due to its refusal to use the FourPointScale. After numerous threatening letters from developers, it's stopped using numeric reviews at all, describing games with standardized adjectives.