->''"That's the beauty of Heaven... we can leave our brains behind."''
-->--[[http://fstdt.net/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=61678 A RaptureReady forumgoer, unintentionally explaining most of the site]]

->''"You call it circular reasoning, we Christians call it faith."''
-->--[[http://fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=103181 An update.]]

[[http://fstdt.com/Default.aspx Fundies Say the Darndest Things]], often abbreviated to FSTDT, is (to use its own description) "an archive of the most hilarious, bizarre, ignorant, bigoted, and terrifying quotes from fundies all over the internet". Or, in other words, it's a community dedicated to mocking religious and political stupidity.

The history of FSTDT is simple. The initial administrator, [=WinAce=], found religious stupidity humorous, so he decided to set up an archive for the craziest of the crazies. He called it Christians Say the Darndest Things, but quickly changed it when he realized that Christian fundamentalists aren't the only people capable of saying outrageous things. Unfortunately, three years after the initial creation of the site, [=WinAce=] [[AuthorExistenceFailure passed away from cystic fibrosis]].

However, this wasn't the end of FSTDT as a new administrator, Yahweh (who saw fundies in much the same way as [=WinAce=]), picked up where the first left off, both in the memory of [=WinAce=] and as a project to improve her coding skills. However, Yahweh found the task of rebuilding and recompiling the website to be far more difficult than she initially expected and ended up abandoning the project after a valiant effort. The third and current administrator, Distind (who watches fundies in an attempt to figure out what makes them tick), much more confident in his programming abilities, picked up where Yahweh left off and the site flourishes under his command to this day.

At first glance, the site seems to mock conservative Christians exclusively, but stupidity of any religious or political persuasion is fair game and the site's history has had a respectable number of quotes from antitheists, liberals, and other non-conservative and non-Christian fundies. There are also two spinoff sites: Conspiracy Theorists Say the Darndest Things (CSTDT) and Racists Say the Darndest Things (RSTDT), which produce quotes that are often just as, if not more, batshit than their fundie counterparts.

As this site involves religion and politics, [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement be sure to choose your words wisely here]].

[[http://fqa.digibase.ca/index.php The old site forum no longer exists, but a new forum, Frequently Questioned Answers, may be found here.]]

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