->''The first thing Eitán did, he drew himself.''

''[[Webcomic/ZeroZeroZeroThisComicAppearsFirstAlphabetically 0 0 0 This Comic Appears First Alphabetically]]'' is about as self-referential as that link. It follows the story of Eitán Margalit, the cartoonist, as he writes and draws the story you're following.

He starts off by drawing some main characters, and, after a false start, they manage to play off each other for about two pages. Eitán did not think the whole [[WriterOnBoard "author-]][[MostWritersAreHuman as-]][[HumansAreCthulhu character"]] concept so carefully.

It can be found [[http://eitanscomics.com here.]] (Note: It now shares a website with another comic. The latest update, regardless of which comic it's from, is on the home page)

!!This comic provides examples of the following tropes:

* ADogNamedDog: Bat and Bean.
* AltText: The Alt Text is apparently a separate character. It feels bad about not having arms.
* AndSomeOtherStuff: The last step of [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00052/ "How to Travel into Comics"]] is blurred.
* ArtInitiatesLife: Obviously.
* AuthorAvatar
* AuthorPowers: Eitan has them.
* CallBack: [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00006 "Oh, no!]] [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00011 A giant!"]]
* TheDitz: Bean.
-->'''Bean:''' I like being buried up to my waist in dirt!
* DrosteImage: [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00021 Here.]]
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: The Ninja.
* FacePalm: [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00011 Eitan pulls one off here.]]
* InsaneTrollLogic: [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00028 Here,]] Eitán believes that being a "good artist" means drawing things the way they actually look. If he sends his drawings back in time to [[YouWillBeBeethoven become]] [[ArtInitiatesLife what]] [[RewritingReality he]] [[StableTimeLoop draws]] in the first place, then the drawing, by definition, looks like the thing, and his StylisticSuck is suddenly a masterpiece.
* InstantAwesomeJustAddNinja: Eitán's motivation [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00012 here.]]
* LampshadeHanging: [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00010 "How long has that been there?"]]
** [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00008 "Yes! Character establishment!"]]
* MediumAwareness: Eitán obviously knows they're in a comic. Bat and Bean still have no idea.
** And [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00020 now]] they do.
* MetaFiction
* MindScrew: The entire plot, pretty much.
* NoFourthWall
* RecursiveReality: The entire universe is a comic drawn in a sketchbook that exists (or is at least represented) in that universe. Then the Ninja creates a second sketchbook and going into ''that''... while taking the first sketchbook with him. The result is a multi-layered resembling two onions eating each other.
* ResetButton: This is Eitan's answer to what to do if the characters see him.
* RewritingReality
* StableTimeLoop: On [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00009 this page]], Bean tells a joke, and Eitán hears it and writes it down. Which caused it to happen in the first place.
** Pretty much the entire comic. [[http://eitanscomics.com/comic/000/00027 Page 27]] explains how he sees what happens in one panel, and then draws it in a previous panel, causing him to see it happen for the first time.
* StylisticSuck: It's not ''that'' bad, but it's apparently supposed to be untalented scribbling.
* TheTreacheryOfImages: Eitán doesn't look like himself. He looks like a ''drawing'' of himself.