From [[LongRunners 1993-2002]], ''The Parking Lot is Full'' was the comic strip love child of artist Jack [=McLaren=] and writer Pat Spacek. Starting as crude little strips published in their university newspaper, the comic quickly took on a life of its own, eventually becoming one of the most popular and infamous comic strips on the internet. After nine years of ups and downs, the creators decided that they'd said everything they wanted to say, so the comic was wrapped up and all the toys put away.

This joke-a-day webcomic show a very dark sense of humor and is very macabre. It still remains one of the best old-school webcomics ever made and is definitely worth a try.

The original domain name has expired, but you can find the full archive [[http://plif.courageunfettered.com/index.htm on the memorial website]]. Some comics have been removed, for various reasons, from the archive. Most of these missing comics can be found [[http://imadudeyo.tumblr.com/ on this blog]].

Feel free to upload these comics on the [[https://archive.org Internet Archive's digital library]] for the sake of further assisting the comic's preservation.

!! The Parking Lot Is Full provides examples of:

* DadaComics: Loaded with BlackComedy.
* DisobeyThisMessage: Provided the page picture.
* ImAHumanitarian: [[http://plif.courageunfettered.com/archive/wc032.gif Here]]. Even more so [[http://plif.courageunfettered.com/archive/wc262.gif here]]. Overlaps with CloningBlues.
* LittleKnownFacts: A RunningGag. In fact, the comic is even finished with it.
* MonsterClown: [[http://plif.courageunfettered.com/archive/wc032.gif Here]].
* NonIndicativeTitle: There is no mention of parking lots.
* ShootingSuperman: [[http://plif.courageunfettered.com/archive/wc023.gif This]].
* SpotlightStealingSquad: The "Rocko & Socko" storyline completely takes over the strip for the last year.
* StoryArc: That one about sock puppets wrapped the webcomic up.
* WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway: [[http://plif.courageunfettered.com/archive/wc032.gif Jellokinesis]].