[[caption-width-right:299:"Holy turkey on rye, Franchise/{{Batman}}!"]]

->"The comic is simply a commentary on the love life of sandwiches."
-->-- From the [[http://thedoghousediaries.com/about-us comic bio]]

''[[http://thedoghousediaries.com/ The Dog House Diaries]]'' is an exploration of modern America, an in-depth looks at slacker culture, a smart examination of bachelor life, [[BreadEggsMilkSquick and a good source of info on fighting bears]]. ''Webcomic/{{The Dog House Diaries}}'' is a webcomic created by William Samari, Ray Yamartino, and Rafaan Anvari (referred to in the comic as Ray, Will, and Raf). The comic is a series of normally unrelated graphs or stickman comics that occasionally have the three authors as characters.

The comic which began in 2009 is notable for its laid back and down-to-earth sense of humor (This is a webcomic that never CrossesTheLineTwice) and for its uniquely drawn characters (the stickmen have a distinct headshape). Though comics tend to have no noticeable continuity, running jokes include fights with bears, [[AuthorAppeal obsession with sandwiches]], and a general lack of communication between genders. Though it has only a modest fanbase, the comic has had some success with comics that perfectly lampoon film tropes, modern social media like Website/{{Facebook}}, and simply how twentysomething adults interact.

The comic updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and every comic includes three extra jokes in the form of a slogan placed under the comic title (sometimes fan contributed), an AltText, and a comic annotation that often [[SelfDeprecation self-deprecatingly]] tells what Will, Raf, and Ray are up to.

!!The comic provides examples of:

* ComicallyMissingThePoint: [[http://thedoghousediaries.com/307 Here]], [[http://thedoghousediaries.com/528 here]], and [[http://thedoghousediaries.com/196 here]], if only to point out a few.
* DoubleStandard: [[http://thedoghousediaries.com/3429 This comic]] is about it, although it's something of a subversion.
* ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy: Nicely explained and parodied in [[http://thedoghousediaries.com/3198 this comic]]
* PaperThinDisguise: Parodied in [[http://thedoghousediaries.com/2876 this comic]]
* SelfDeprecation: The authors enjoy doing this as much as is humanly possible.
* SliceOfLife: The comic is rarely about anything other than groups of friends, food, and fun. There's not a whole lot more to it.