''Suitcase Nuke'' is a webcomic by Brad Erkkila, who used to do a webcomic called ''What Up With'', which is now defunct.

''Suitcase Nuke'' is a {{gag per day webcomic|s}} with no real plotline. It sometimes has multiple comics in a day, and updates every Tuesday.

It can be read [[http://www.suitcasenukecomic.com/ here]].
!!''Suitcase Nuke'' provides examples of:
* TheFullNameAdventures: A fictional example in the first comic is called "The Adventures of Crooked Back Magoo!"
* IncestYayShipping: [[http://www.suitcasenukecomic.com/?p=59 The incest is not quite there, but the mother is certainly interested in some.]]
* JustForPun: The occasional pun here and there.
* YourMom: [[http://www.suitcasenukecomic.com/?p=59 Part of a multi-layered joke]] involving TabletopGame/{{Monopoly}}.