''[[http://www.starofdestiny.com/ Star of Destiny]]'' is a {{webcomic|s}} created by Andrew "Drew" Byrne, starting in 2007. It is written by Drew and drawn by Cathy Lau. It follows the life of Skye [=McCloud=], a believed [[MessianicArchetype messianic]] wanderer, and his [[MagicalGirlfriend girlfriend]], Star Yunai. Designed to be similar to a japanese manga, the story is an adventure/fantasy story designed to carry a serious tone to it with some jokes and laughs to not make everything too emo. Unlike most webcomics, it is not designed to have each comic be self-contained but rather require multiple pages like traditional comics.
'''List of [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/archive.php?story=1 Chapters]]:'''
* I Am Skye [=McCloud=]: HomeSweetHome
* Beginning of a Tale: GoodTimesMontage, WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity, InsaneEqualsViolent
* The Sorceress of Taerol: ShirtlessScene, CoveredWithScars, MaleGaze, TheVillainMakesThePlot
* The Locket: HappilyAdopted, HalfHumanHybrid, SpyCatsuit, TheNapoleon, TragicKeepsake
* What Eyes Can Tell
* Awkward Meetings
* Of Hope and Fear
* The Hunt
'''Tropes used include:'''
* {{Animesque}}: The comic is designed to be a manga, even being read from right to left. As such, the art style was intended to be animesque.
* AttackHello: Leon makes his grand debut by trying to [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/manga.php?story=1&nav=73 kill Star]].
* ChosenOne: The Zatei actually [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/manga.php?story=1&nav=14 call Skye]] "The Chosen One", though the exact purpose of this is unknown.
* InnocentInnuendo: When [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/manga.php?story=1&nav=112 Star jumps Skye]].
* LongingLook: After Star finally comments on Skye's name, the two [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/manga.php?story=1&nav=59 share a moment]].
* MoodWhiplash: Star jumps between sad and angry [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/manga.php?story=1&nav=30 way too fast]].
* ObviouslyEvil: Seriously, first Leon attacks someone, then he gives [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/manga.php?story=1&nav=74 this grin]]! Of course Leon is dang evil!
* OpenTheIris: They're [[{{Animesque}} anime-style]] characters. The sizes of their irises/pupils can change with their emotions... well, usually.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Star jokes about making [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/manga.php?story=1&nav=32 bread with lime juice]]. In a later short, [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/manga.php?story=3&nav=2 Star actually makes some, which Skye loves]].
* WhiteMagic: Though it's not called white magic specifically, we see the use of [[http://www.starofdestiny.com/manga.php?story=1&nav=46 healing spells]].