-> ''Its Beauty and the Beast. If the eldest sister had instead been an older brother. Who decides hed sooner punch a beast in the face than send off his little sister. Also its a space opera/buddy cop series. Except that last one.''\\
-- In the words of the author.

[[http://comic.inkbeast.net/spina/ Spina Cage]] is an Urban Fantasy webcomic about a snarky guy named Adrian. One night his father comes home from a business trip with a cut on his arm and a story about a monster that wants Adrian's littlest sister, Chelsea. Not believing the tale, Adrian goes in her stead. [[BlatantLies Fun ensues]].


!!Spina Cage contains examples of:
* ArmorPiercingQuestion: "Hasn't anyone ever depended on you?" seems to be one for Joven on the most recent page.
* ArtEvolution: [[http://comic.inkbeast.net/archive/part-1-14-6b25e45/ This]] to [[http://comic.inkbeast.net/archive/part-three-6/ this]] with five years inbetween.
* BlackEyesOfEvil: [[spoiler:The Thorn Faerie]].
* TheFairFolk: We've seen one and he isn't very nice.