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Webcomic: Sinister Evolution
In a strange world, a Kvilent Beast sleeps. Something unlocks in his mind, giving him the ability to eat things and put them in the spots on his back, giving him special abilities. This ability is the beginning of something... Sinister.

An Interactive Comic on the MS Paint Adventures Forums made by dexexe1234, featuring an alien creature who eats things, assigns them to his back, and upgrades them. There's something sinister occurring in him, but the effects of which are unknown. It features many interesting mechanics, such as upgradable body parts, assigning spots, and the Stomachventory.

List of Tropes:

  • Character Level: An interesting kind, where Glump himself doesn't have a level, but his body parts do.
  • Mutants: The main mechanics of the story revolve around Glomp's mutation.
  • Player Party: Glump, the protagonist, and Scuttlesworth are the two current party members.
  • Stealth Pun: Scuttlesworth, the first party member gained is a crab wearing a head.
  • Tech Points: By lying in the sun, Glump can get points to upgrade various parts of his body, such as upgrading a plant
to tell how many points he'll get.
  • Glump also gets points from eating and digesting anything edible.

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alternative title(s): Sinister Evolution
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