Webcomic / Shifter

A young boy clings for dear life to the high branch of a tree. His older sister calls out for someone to help them, and a caped figure emerges from the shadows. But then who should come to help but a brash, blonde-haired, perfectly ordinary 15 year old boy. Who promptly turns into a ladder.

Enter Danny Philmore, a boy who earlier saved the life of a kindly old lady, and was rewarded with a magic elixir which gives him the power to turn into anything, but only if it exists. His first instinct is of course to become a hero and help others, like the boy and his sister, whose name is Rachel. Unfortunately, Danny is something of a dumbass, and his rescue segues into catastrophe and a wild chase across town, which only serves to piss Rachel off. Danny is heartbroken, and resolves to patch things up with Rachel. And so begin the misadventures of Danny, his friends Turk and Cameron, his sisters Webbigail and Meredith, and a whole lot of shapeshifting.

Granted, the artwork's nothing special, but the writing is worth a look. Unfortunately the site has gone belly-up. A grand total of seven pages, including cover, can be found on SmackJeeves starting here.

This show provides examples of: