How to explain... Sacred Pie is a webcomic written by Phil Shaw, aka philbob, about three 20-somethings, Sid, Roonas, and Bob. Hanging out in their apartment one day, they're visited by a dying man called the Traveler. In his final breath, he gives them four items, a Tunic, a pair of Gloves, a pair of Boots, and a Medallion. Then his body disappears, and they take them, deciding to save the universe as he asked on the basis that there's nothing on TV anyways. The first thing they do is accidentally assassinate an alien Chancellor and try to escape. All that is just the first twelve or so pages, and it just gets crazier from there.

Can be found here:
!!Tropes featured include:
* ColorCodedCharacters: When [[spoiler:Roonas]] gets cloned. See "Spot the Impostor" below.
* DevilButNoGod: Lucifer is an active force in the universe, but God is mostly absent from the conflict. Recent events suggest this may be through choice.
* GenderRestrictedAbility: The sacred objects can only be used by men, regardless of species. This is a side effect of Lucifer creating them for his own use.
* MouthOfSauron: Lucifer speaks through a proxy from Hell.
* SpotTheImpostor: Gets time in [[ starting in this strip]].
* StableTimeLoop: [[spoiler:Starting to unravel as Lucifer regains his objects.]]
* UnusualEuphemism: [[spoiler:The Sacred Pie is a woman. A kiss is how you "taste" the pie.]]