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[[caption-width-right:350:A typical day.]]

->''“In the distant future, humanity has ushered in a new feudal age. The solar system is ruled by massive corporations and their executive aristocracy. But amidst this new order is a universe filled with adventurers, outlaws, thrill seekers and treasure hunters looking to carve out their own legacy amongst the stars.” ''
--> Quote from [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/about/ Roningalaxy.com]].

Ronin Galaxy is an action-adventure webcomic that updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday. [[{{Animesque}} It has a manga appearance.]]

The story follows the main characters, Cecil Onimaru the samurai ronin and Giancarlo Baccari the gun-slinging mercenary who eventually pick up Taylor May, a plucky refugee from Earth. Along with their ship and robot [[{{CatGirl}} cat-girl]] Ai, they embark on various [[{{StreetSamurai}} mercenary]] adventures that end up being more trouble than they expect. Their adventures bring them to new and exotic places, saving [[{{DistressedDamsel}} damsels in distress]] whenever they can.

!!'''This webcomic contains examples of:'''

%%* ACupAngst: Taylor, on [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-55/ this]] page specifically.
%%* AirVentPassageway: [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-78/ Page 78.]]
%%* AllPlanetsAreEarthLike: Just another average day in Japa- Whoa! Those are some huge potholes. [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-2/ That look suspiciously like moon-craters...]]
%%* ActionGirl: Leona attempts to infiltrate a [[{{BandOfBrothels}} brothel]] and doesn’t waste any time [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-59/ lunging]] on her foe.
%%* AIIsACrapshoot: Leona is [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-111/ attacked by an android]] who [[spoiler:was originally a [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-116/ secretarial assistant.]]]]
%%* AlphaBitch: Leona. [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-95/ And she's determined to stay that way.]]
* AnimeAccentAbsence: Despite being on the Moon in the future, the places the characters visit are clearly reminiscent of Japan and so are the people. Though there isn’t any language barrier between anyone; specifically with Giancarlo, Taylor and Leona, who are foreigners.
* {{Animesque}}: The art, and especially pages are made to look like a manga.
* AntiHero: Cecil, despite having all the optimism and badassery that ideal heroes ought to, he only keeps that up for as long as it’s convenient (or safe) for him to do. When he’s outmatched he has no problem with a well-timed {{groin attack}}.
* ArrestedForHeroism: In chapter three, Leona is arrested after putting up her shield to protect bystanders from a suicide bomber android.
%%* ArtEvolution
* AwesomeMcCoolname: Cecil Onimaru – simply mentioning an Oni in your real name (supposedly) is pretty over-the-top, and Leona Gallant – slightly less than a "gallant" knight.
* BackToBackBadasses: For Cecil and Giancarlo it seems to be natural for them.
%%* BadassAdorable: Cecil gives his opponent a cheesy little v-sign before [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-23/ dispatching]] of him. [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-40/ Twice.]]
%%* BadassInDistress: Leona in the third chapter.
%%* BerserkButton: Literally. Ai, normally a passive computer, goes into attack mode the instant an [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-41/ unidentified person enters the ship.]]
%%** Don't ever, EVER try to [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-95/ steal the spotlight from Leona.]]
%%* BetweenMyLegs: [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-16/ Page 16]]
%%* BigDamnHeroes: Cecil and Giancarlo to the [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-19/ rescue!]]
* BoobsOfSteel: When comparing Taylor and Leona, the latter’s bustline automatically dictates that she is the combat-orientated girl.
%%* BreakTheCutie: Poor Taylor, she has quite an adventure in chapter one.
* CatGirl: Ai gets away with being a real life cat girl by being robotic.
* ChefOfIron: Giancarlo can hold his own in a gunfight and still manage to cook up a full-course meal for breakfast the next morning.
%%* ChronicHeroSyndrome: Pretty much all the time Cecil sees an opportunity arise, but Giancarlo makes note of it on [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-61/ page 61.]]
%%* CityOfAdventure: New Edo is where the fun begins.
%%* CoolBike: Leona's unicorn motorcycle.
%%* CoolStarship: The Typhoon.
%%* DamselInDistress: Taylor in the first chapter, and [[spoiler:Rin]] in the second.
* DistressedDamsel: Taylor in the first chapter. Although she does take it upon herself to escape her situation, she is quickly caught and must be saved. Also genderswapped with [[spoiler:Rin in the second chapter.]]
%%* EarthThatUsedToBeBetter: There aren’t many details, but on [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-43/ page 43]] both Cecil and Taylor allude to the fact that Earth isn’t quite what it used to be.
%%* FingerGun: Cecil holds up a thug with his [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-60/ fingers instead of a real gun.]] Which he then proceeds to [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-61/ punch him with.]]
* ForeignFanservice: Leona fits this stereotype like a glove. Interestingly enough, she fills the role from a Japanese viewpoint, though the comic is western.
* GoodIsNotNice: None of the characters are particularly nice, unless they're going to get something out of it.
%%* GratuitousItalian: [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-53/ Hey mangiare!]]
%%* GratuitousJapanese: There isn't too much of this surprisingly, given that the comic takes place on the equivalent of Japan-the-Planet. The examples of this trope are primarily in the titles of the chapters: Chapter One - Gaijin Girl and Chapter Two - Cho Han Hustle. Kira Moritomi also calls Leona a "stupid gaijin" on [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-60/ page 60.]]
%%** This trope is somewhat subverted in the fact that the word "gaijin" in particular doesn't seem to be used gratuitously, so much as it is succinctly. By use of the word, the reader would be able to realize that the person being called a gaijin is a foreigner, is being referenced to by a Japanese person, and also that person's possible tension towards said foreigner. (Since gaijin can sometimes be a rude expression.)
%%** Also the title itself is alternatively written in katakana.
%%* GreatOffscreenWar: On [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-43/ page 43]] Taylor makes refference to a war on Earth, but nothing else is said about it, and is quickly forgotten about.
%%* GroinAttack: [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-36/ Page 36.]]
* HimeCut: Ai sports this particular Japanese haircut.
%%* ImpossiblyLowNeckline: Despite all the action, Leona somehow manages to keep her [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-59/ bust from spilling out.]]
%%* KatanasAreJustBetter: Guns are no good against the hero (of course) gotta break out the [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-27/ auto-blocking katanas!]]
%%* KimonoIsTraditional: Ai and Heroc.
%%* MaleGaze: During the beginning chapter two conflict, Leona’s breasts manage to make it into 25% of frames on [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-58/ every.]] [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-59/ Single.]] [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-62/ Page.]]
%%* {{Megacorp}}: The Moritomi Financial Group in chapter two. Cecil explains the [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-57/ extent of their influence here.]]
%%* MyHorseIsAMotorbike. [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-87/ Literally.]]
%%* ParryingBullets: Somewhat averted, Cecil manages to [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/1-27/ block]] a bullet with his sword, but it's quickly explained that it's not exactly skill that's responsible.
* PermaStubble: Giancarlo never seems to shave completely around his goatee.
* PrettyFreeloader: Taylor is taken onboard Cecil and Giancarlo’s ship, despite not having any discernible talents. [[spoiler:Cecil also proclaims her “his maid” though she is never shown cleaning anything. Not to mention she almost got them both killed in the first chapter.]]
%%* RedOniBlueOni: Cecil and Giancarlo.
%%* {{Retcon}}: Recent changes to dialog in pages 63-66.
%%* {{Ronin}}
%%* SilkHidingSteel: [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-41/ Ai in the first chapter,]] and [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-59/ Leona in the second.]]
%%* SmokingIsCool: Giancarlo doesn’t just smoke, or chain-smoke, he chain smokes cigars. Probably leading him to look [[{{OlderThanTheyThink}} older than they think]]. [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-54/ Taylor points this out.]]
%%* StayInTheKitchen: Taylor actually opts to stay in the kitchen after being offered a job by Cecil. [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-122/ He still ends up insulting her, though.]]
%%* RuleOfCool: Happens a few times, but specifically in chapter one, [[spoiler:Cecil couldn’t just run during the firefight - he stands there until someone aims right for him just so he can look super awesome by [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-26/ deflecting]] it.]]
* {{Terraform}}: Background shots of the Moon show a land mostly vegetated or urbanized with no artificial atmosphere visible. One can only assume (so far) that this is the explanation.
%%** The author states on the [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/about/ about page]] that the planets are made "habitable by future science."
%%* TheCityNarrows: Cecil explains at the [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-57/ beginning of chapter two]] that the Moritomi Complex seems like an average city until you enter a suspiciously dark alley. Then it turns into a feudal Japanese red-light district.
%%* TheFuture
%%* TheLancer: Giancarlo.
%%* TheSyndicate: The Akuma Gang in the first chapter and the Moritomi in the second.
%%* {{Tsundere}}: Leona.
* UnusualEyebrows: Ai has Heian eyebrows.
%%* VictoriasSecretCompartment: Of all the places Leona could [[http://www.roningalaxy.com/comic/page-59/ keep her sword]].
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Giancarlo, and Leona, although the latter is blonde with blue highlights.