''[[http://www.ripandteri.com/ Rip and Teri]]'' is a webcomic by Creator/TCampbell, illustrated by John Waltrip with colours by David Willis.

On the day that charismatic history teacher Calvin Horstman intends to propose to his girlfriend Teri, an English teacher at the school where he teaches, he skillfully saves her life from a student with a shotgun, suddenly catapulting him into the spotlight - much to his horror. For Calvin Horstman is in fact retired super-spy Rip Dustin, who left the job in disillusionment for his current humble and anonymous life several years ago, and now he's revealed himself people in the know with scores to settle are gunning directly for him. As such, [[ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies to protect Teri]] he fakes his own death and attempts to flee - but unfortunately for him, he's underestimated both Teri's love for him and her own strength and determination, as he finds it a lot more difficult to leave her behind as he anticipated.

Something of a cross between a ''Franchise/JamesBond'' spy thriller and a heartfelt romance, the comic takes great delight in subverting and parodying the cliches of the SpyDrama whilst still providing an engrossing adventure story.
!!Provides examples of:
* ActionDuo: Teri's ActionSurvivor to Rip's ActionHero.
* BettyAndVeronica
* ConvenientlyPlacedSharpThing: DoubleSubverted - everything that could possibly help the captive escape is removed from the closet he is in, but [[spoiler:the captor forgets to tape up ''the bottom edge of the door'']].
* ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies: Of course, even though Rip's left her so that she'd be safe, Teri's in just as much danger without him as she would be ''with'' him.
* PutDownYourGunAndStepAway: A humorous take on the trope.
* TheVamp: Tatyana.
* YouJustToldMe