->'''Ina:''' Look samurai boy, I have [[TitleDrop no need for bushido]]! Now put me down, go back there, and ''die with honor!''\\
'''Yori:''' Sorry, too busy rescuing you.

A webcomic set in feudal Japan that starts out with an ArrangedMarriage, moves to RebelliousPrincess and RescueRomance, then CharacterMagneticTeam. By the time they've gotten to the major showdowns, the team consists of:

'''Yorikiro Wataro''' ('''Yori'''), our Hero, son of the most hated man in Japan. A bit of a [[TheDitz ditz]] sometimes, but his [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass heart is in the right place]].

'''Ina Senshin''', our Heroine, a strong-willed and loud-mouthed girl. When she gets her way, it's often because she bullied her teammates into obeying her.

'''Cho Teko''', a blind Taoist priest. Comes off as a CloudCuckooLander by spouting [[IceCreamKoan Ice Cream Koans]]. Has a bit of a running gag about misreading the gender of any new character who comes near the team.

'''Kenta Daisuke''' or Ken, the guy with the huge sword. Enjoys sake and Kabuki plays. TheBigGuy who's motivated by revenge for his clan, which got massacred by people apparently working for Yori's father.

Of the above, only Ina can't hold her own in combat, although lately she's proved to be an amazing strategist. But while Cho and Kenta are competent whenever they fight, Yori's plans often get derailed through his own idiocy or forgetfulness (as in "Oh, I totally forgot that I ''broke my sword'' last fight"), though he has recently taken out the second member of the QuirkyMinibossSquad.

[[http://www.nn4b.com The strip can be found here]]. The comic updates every Monday. The comic went on a long hiatus in July 2012, but returned in August 2013.
!!This webcomic contains examples of:

* ActionGirl: Ina, although it takes her a while to level up.
** The Izuma Ninja Clan, which is led by an ActionGirl (Suzuka) and has at least two more (Ayame and Yumiko) in its ranks, despite being almost 99% male otherwise.
* TheAlcoholic: Ken, very much so. At one point, while the other characters are fighting a major battle, Ken, after kicking metric tons of mook ass, runs out of sake. Solution? He goes and slaughters an enemy camp, and takes all of their sake. Then, when that runs out, he repeats the process. Multiple times. Until he finally passes out. And upon waking up back in camp, he wants more.
* AnachronismStew:
** The characters sometimes talk about Canada, hot dogs, and other things that don't exist yet. [[RuleOfFunny The reason is obvious]].
** Not to mention Lex and Matrix, who look a little...out of place amongst all the feudal trappings.
** Also lampshaded: [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=127 "Note: Thursday night bingo canceled due to overuse of anachronisms"]]
* {{Animesque}}: The later chapters.
* ArtEvolution: When the comic started, it was... Not bad, but not great. Probably about as good as the first bits of ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance''. These days every panel could be lifted from a high quality cel-animated movie. Not to mention Font Design Evolution, because it was a badly used [[UsefulNotes/{{Fonts}} Comic Sans MS]], and now it's an exclusive font.
* {{Badass}}: Ken, very much so, and Yori to a lesser extent. Maru parodies this. He's...somewhat badass, but undercuts it by overusing the word, and insisting his underlings refer to him as badass.
* BedsheetLadder: Averted, because the RuleOfFunny apparently stated that falling on Ina's back with no serious injuries would be better.
* BerserkButton: Do ''not'' call him "[[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=447 Nine Finger Nataku]]."
* TheBet: Details still hazy, but Matrix and Lex appear to have a wager going on Yori's success or failure, respectively, with Matrix not above intervening with the plot to help Yori along.
* {{BFS}}: Ken's sword is ''12 feet long''.
** The [[spoiler:Red Dragon Zanbatou]] he gains in 599 is somewhat shorter, but still bigger than he is.
* {{Bishounen}}: In the later chapters, Ken and Yori get this treatment, thanks to the aforementioned Art Evolution
* BloodFromTheMouth: A few times. Including one fake-out when Yori actually just bit his lip during combat.
* BoundAndGagged: Ina ends up like this in at least one set of comics.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: addressing readers and some other things.
* BrickJoke: [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=124 "Ninja lifts]] [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=313 Mount Fuji"]]
* BuffySpeak: "Don't do the wavy hand thing. I ''hate'' the wavy hand thing."
* CallingYourAttacks: Yori does this a lot early in the comic. Eventually, he realizes it's a bad idea and stops doing it.
* CaptainErsatz:
** Ken and Yori respectively to Sanosuke and Kenshin of ''Manga/RurouniKenshin''.
** Vaguely in appearance, but much less so in personality- Kenshin's ObfuscatingStupidity while Yori's CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass. Sano's a JerkWithAHeartOfGold while Ken's a JerkWithAHeartOfJerk. [[ThouShaltNotKill Unlike Kenshin]], Yori's also got no problem with killing the bad guys.
* CatchPhrase:
** Yori's "Holy Shnikies!" When he saw Ken's zanbatou, it was upgraded to "Holy flipping shnikies of demonic destruction!"
* CloudCuckooLander: Cho, in spades.
* ChekhovsGun:
** The trick blade. [[spoiler:Subverted twice. It's only a trick blade when it comes to stabbing; for slashing attacks it's entirely functional. And when slamming it hard into somebody's chest...it won't impale them, but it'll still be something akin to getting slugged with brass knuckles]].
** [[spoiler: Played straight in the dispatching of Uso]].
* TheChessmaster: Yukizane, Ina's seemingly useless uncle.
* ColorWash: Pastel colors and green tint indicate that you see things through the poisonned Yori's eyes, and you should not believe anything you see.
* CombatPragmatist: Murasaki [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=427 fights dirty]].
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass:
** Yori comes across at first glance as an incompetent fighter and a coward but is actually a very competent fighter. Cho is all [[IceCreamKoan Ice-Cream Koans]] and "The Tao is guiding us", but in a recent [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=371 comic]] he puts his foot down ''and causes a mini-earthquake.''
** The other example is Yukizane. See the entry under ObfuscatingStupidity below.
** Cho's this too; you don't really expect him to be an amazing martial artist, he does kick serious ass sometimes.
* {{Determinator}}: Rule #1 of Ken's Combat Rules: Don't stop not dying.
* DisabilitySuperpower:
** Cho lacks sight and has to rely on Tao's guidance to attack. He is the best fighter in the group.
** There's also Ryoku, one of the four Demons of Sorrow, who is also blind. He appears to have Comicbook/{{Daredevil}}-esque echolocation.
* DistractedByTheSexy: as a RunningGag, Ina's father keeps making escape attempts from the sexy ninjas who captured him, but ultimately ends up knocked unconscious following an AccidentalPervert moment.
* DrillSergeantNasty: Ken, while TrainingThePeacefulVillagers.
* EveryJapaneseSwordIsAKatana: Averted. Has introduced more than one type of sword; introduces the name of the sword as well at times.
* EyelessFace: Cho always wears a hat that covers his eyes. It doesn't always cover the place where his eyes must be. He actually lacks eyes. Creepy.
* EyepatchOfPower: lampshaded by WordOfGod in the comments [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=504 here]]:
--> It's highly probably a lot of impaired vision fighters pop out an eye just to gain the intimidation factor, why not!
* FourIsDeath: the Four Demons of Sorrow, Hirotomo Wataro's elite soldiers. [[spoiler:They're more like the Two Demons of Sorrow now, though]].
* FourStarBadass: Nataku, whose such a BadAss that... you know that [[{{BFS}} enormous thing]] Ken swings around? Nataku clashes with it head-on with his fairly normal sword, and from that position '''''[[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=467 overpowers Ken causing his BFS fly out of his hands]]'''''. The visual effects make it clear that Nataku has some sort of SuperStrength.
* FromBadToWorse: The village battle. [[spoiler: Fujio died, the villagers were massacred, Purple Samurai was mortally wounded, Ina was breaking down, and Cho was beaten by the two Demons of Sorrow who only ''just'' appeared]]. As it turns out, [[spoiler: most, if not all of this was seen by Yori, who at that point was under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug. Later comics confirmed that Ina, Cho and Murasaki at least, were all fine and kicking ass. Fujio was also fine, but not kicking any ass. Of the three Demons of Sorrow, only one was actually there, and Yori killed him]].
* GenreSavvy: Yori. Right from the outset he seems to instinctively know he's in an AffectionateParody of shonen manga, but it's highlighted very much during Ina's planned defense of the strategic choke point, where he demonstrates genuine fear at Ina's ability to destroy an army. By this point, he's GenreSavvy enough to fear that running in terror like he should will shift her from a {{Tsundere}} to a {{Yandere}}.
* HandicappedBadass: Cho is an extremely skilled martial artist, able to defeat (most) of his adversaries without breaking a sweat. Badass enough on its own; ''more'' badass when you consider his handicap.
--> '''Ken:''' Wait a sec, so you're, like, as blind as a...uh...blind...guy.\\
'''Cho:''' Indeed, I lack that particular sense.
** Ryoku is also blind, and just as badass.
* HelloNurse: Matrix, the mysterious watcher who actually dresses like a [[NaughtyNurseOutfit nurse]] at one point.
* HighPressureBlood: Usually accompanied by the UnsoundEffect: ''SPEWING!!''
* HighlyVisibleNinja: Besides the regular, sneaky ninja, there are some that really stick out.
* HostageSituation: A few here and there, with Ino being taken to get Yori into a duel in one case.
** ShootTheHostage: Nataku's solution should the problem arise for him. [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=627 Observe here]].
* IceCreamKoan:
** Cho loves these, though they do occasionally seem to actually mean something. Occasionally.
** Lampshaded in the [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic4=no-need-for-review-6 post-hiatus recap]], where Ina asks whether he's just making them all up on the spot. Cho claims they're words of wisdom that he picked up from reading his deceased master's ancient scrolls. When Ina points out that he's blind, Cho says that was "A minor setback."
* ImprobableWeaponUser: One ninjette uses fans.
* ImprovisedWeapon: Yori has to do this often. Broken sword, sheath, trick sword... Now that Matrix has given him one of her swords, he's back to being properly armed, but he still uses the trick sword.
* InsultedAwake: PlayedForLaughs. If Ken is passed out (because of sake, combat, or both) when he's needed, Fumio will surely make an off-hand insult while saying how much they need him. [[HairTriggerTemper He doesn't take it]] [[{{Understatement}} very well]]. (See IResembleThatRemark)
* IntrepidMerchant: Ricardo.
* IResembleThatRemark:
** Ken [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=312 punching Fumio]] for saying he wasn't "agreeable".
** Or ''[[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=383 decking him across the town]]'' for calling him a "homicidal maniac".
* JackBauerInterrogationTechnique: Ken's [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=356 preferred]] interrogation technique.
* JidaiGeki: Feudal Japan.
* LongLostRelative: Yumiko to Ken; she is (as far as she knows) the only other surviving member of the Daisuke Clan.
%%* TheMagnificentSevenSamurai: {{Lampshaded}}
%%* MasterOfIllusion: Uso
* MeaningfulName:
** "Shounen" is boy in Japanese, which he is. Also, Uso's name means lie, and he uses illusions.
** It doesn't matter how much he insists, Murasaki's name means purple, not indigo.
** General Nataku's warmongering might have been an inevitable reaction to him being named after the Japanese god of war.
* MomentKiller:
** Cho is right on time to kill [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=387 this]] moment.
** And ThoseTwoGuys kill another [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=484 moment]].
%%* {{Mook}}s: ninjas.
* MookChivalry: Played straight and subverted by the Demons of Sorrow. Ryoku attacks first, in a (mostly) fair duel. Then Uso announces that he's going to try next, so you expect another one-on-one. But when they finally confront Yori, all three of them attack at once. [[spoiler: Subverted again when it turns out that the other two Demons are just hallucinations, and Uso is the only real one]].
* {{Ninja}}
* NowOrNeverKiss: [[spoiler: A variation [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=387 here]], because death isn't entirely imminent for the two, but the situation is seems nonetheless rather dire]].
* ObfuscatingStupidity: Yukizane, at the beginning of his [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=330 negotiations]] with Ayane. Lampshaded with Ayane's [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=334 realization]]: "And another thing! You're--... you're... not nearly as dumb as you look".
* OnlySaneMan: Ina
-->'''Ina:''' [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=193 I said]] [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=195 it was]] [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=203 a bad idea]], but no one listened. ''Nobody listens to the voice of reason!''
* PerfectlyArrangedMarriage: Twisted all over. [[spoiler:Ina was supposed to marry the eldest Wataro son, Yori, but he abandoned his clan due to his father's warlike policies, and his brother took his place. Ina, hearing she was being set up for an arranged marriage, ran away. Yori and Ina met, neither of them aware of who the other was, and fell in love. Unfortunately, by the time anyone realizes all this, the Wataro clan isn't interested in peace--if they ever were]].
* PerpetualFrowner: The Ambassador. The man doesn't drop it at all, even when his life is threatened.
* QuirkyMinibossSquad: The Four Demons Of Sorrow
* RunawayFiance: Both Ina and [[spoiler:Yori]].
* RunningGag:
** Cho seems to be less than competent at guessing the gender of people he's never met. [[spoiler: The humorous nature of this is what makes his [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=588 accurate assessment of Matrix's gender]] a shock which adds to the current MoodWhiplash. This may point to Cho ObfuscatingStupidity.]]
** And all people who find out that he's blind tend to do [[BuffySpeak that wavey-hand thingy]] to test. [[NeverHeardThatOneBefore He doesn't like it when people do that]].
** Also, Ina has pushed over Yori a lot, though one of creators said he never even realized that and it wasn't intentional.
** Ina's father is constantly distracted by BoobsOfSteel and captured with knock-out drugs. Lampshaded in a [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=347 flashback]].
** Cho is a part of prophecy about a blind Taoist, a Hindu and a cleric entering a bar and ending the world. And he keeps trying to walk into bars. [[spoiler: As of page 490, the Hindu and the cleric appeared in the comic]].
** Ken regularly threatens merchants that whatever they're selling better be the best he's ever had, or he'll kick their ass. He has yet to kick a merchant's ass yet.
** As a meta example, [[UnsoundEffect Made-up sound effects]] are used often.
* {{Samurai}}: Quite a few.
* ShoutOut:
** Ken and Yori's fight on first meeting is either this or an AffectionateParody of [[Manga/RurouniKenshin Kenshin and Sanosuke's]] first fight.
** The title itself is a very well-hidden shoutout to ''TenchiMuyo'', the title of which is often translated as "No Need for Tenchi".
** Ninjas are said to use swordchucks. [[WebComic/EightBitTheater Swordchucks, yo]]!
** Tao [[StarWars binds the galaxy together]].
** Yori's first rescue of Ina -- running away from trouble while carrying her -- echoes a ''Manga/RurouniKenshin'' side-story that was a sort of pilot for the series.
** The brothers [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu-Tang_Clan Wu and Tang.]]
* ShowSomeLeg: Courtesy of Suzuka, resulting in Masuhiro's failure...[[RunningGag multiple times]].
* SlipknotPonytail: Yori, during the first half of the battle with Ryoku
* SociopathicHero: Ken, as seen [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=368 here]].
* SpellMyNameWithAThe: ''The'' Ennosuke Nakamura, famous kabuki actor and playwright. Ken is his biggest fan.
* StraightForTheCommander: Part of Yukizane's backstory involves ending a war by engaging the enemy commander in a one-on-one battle... in a game of ''[[TheChessmaster chess]]''
* StrawmanHasAPoint: Ricardo points out there's not much point in selling weapons to a pacifist. He has a point, but Genchu points out a pacifist is far less likely to shoot you after the deal is done, which Ricardo acknowledges is a good point as well.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: All female ninjas. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in that they dress like that to distract their enemies. This is why Suzuka beats the otherwise ultra-competent Masuhiro every time.
* ThereAreNoRules: Sorta.
-->'''Ken:''' Here's Ken's rules to fightin: First, in battle, yer either killin' or dyin'. So whatever you do, don't ever stop ''not dyin[='=]''. Second, we don't have time for stupid rules, so stop standing around there ''like a bunch of idiots'', and '''start beating the crap out of each other'''!
* ThoseTwoGuys: Fumio and Fujio.
* TitleDrop: At least twice, most notably so far at the beginning:
-->'''Ina:''' It looks more like you're running away to me.\\
'''Yori:''' The code of bushido, the way of the warrior, would never allow me to just run away!\\
'''Ina:''' Look samurai boy, I have '''no need for bushido'''!
%%* {{Tsundere}}: Ina.
* TookALevelInBadass: Yori does, right around the time the ArtEvolution really kicks in. Turns out he was always skilled, but RuleOfFunny-induced bad luck concealed it before.
** Ina during the defense of Lord Maru's village. She drew up the battle plans and commanded the defenders, buying time for the Senshin reinforcements to arrive. Then she turned right around and led a (somewhat) successful rescue of her father. [[spoiler:In the end, however, Yukizane really saved the day.]]
* UnsoundEffect: ''All the time''.
** Among notable others are the commonly-used ''DOOM!'' and the once-used ''DRRAAAAMMMMAAAAA'', as well as the ever popular ''HEAD... BUTT!''
** Not to mention ''SHOCKWAVE!'' and ''OH? NO! HE DIDN'!'' ([[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=373 sic]]).
** And, of course, ''ITSATRAP!!'', immediately followed by ''NICE!''
** [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=238 SHEATHCATCH!]]
** DA FACE!!!
** CHILDHUG!, Which is probably supposed to be an incredibly cute sound.
** Lampshaded by "insert your sound effect here".
* WallBangHer: Yori and Ina, [[http://alexkolesar.tumblr.com/post/14769752973/merry-christmas-ina-and-yori-you-frisky-kids in one piece of filler art]].
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: Masuhiro's flashback reveals that [[http://nn4b.com/?webcomic1=162 Ina has at least two sisters]]... but they're never mentioned outside of that flashback and there's no explanation for why one of them couldn't have taken Ina's place in the ArrangedMarriage [[spoiler:like Eijiro took Yori's]].
* WhatTheHellHero: Ina gets called out because she's more concerned about her own problems when Ken and Yori have lost their clan and Cho is far more hurt than he lets out and she's still the rebellious princess who ran away because she only cared how it affected her.
* TheWorfBarrage: Ken's [[{{BFS}} ludicrously big sword]] rarely hits anyone important. Not only that, but the taoist monks and Nataku managed to block it outright. Nataku later ups the ante from that, and just overpowers Ken while clashing with his BFS head-on.
* {{Yandere}}: Yori fears Ina is moving this way. Or maybe she's just a fantastic strategist?