''Marilith'' is a work by Krazy Krow, the author of ''{{Webcomic/Krakow}}'' and ''{{Webcomic/Spinnerette}}''. It is split into two series, which are quite different in art style and tone.

''Krakow 2.0'' is full of CrossesTheLineTwice BlackHumor. Marilith Millions is an assassin who plans to get rich by kidnapping a wealthy heiress. But what seems like ASimplePlan soon goes off the rails, and Marilith finds herself the target of not just the police, but also bounty hunters and her own boss.

''Marilith'' is a much [[CerebusSyndrome darker and more dramatic]] continuation of the story. Marilith has grown tired of the trade and is looking to retire to Argentina. However, her retirement plans face an obstacle: an old nemesis who will stop at nothing to kill her before she has the chance to slip away.

Read ''Krakow 2.0'' [[http://www.marilith.com/krakow2/archive.php?date=20011106 here]].\\
Read ''Marilith'' [[http://www.marilith.com/archive.php?date=20041215 here]].

!!This work contains examples of:

* AlliterativeName: Marilith Millions (though she admits in ''Marilith'' that Millions isn't her real last name).
* ArtEvolution: The art improves dramatically from ''Krakow 2.0'' to ''Marilith''.
* AxeCrazy: Valentino
* BackAlleyDoctor: the Doctor
* BaldOfEvil: Stark the bodyguard
* BodyguardBetrayal: Stark killing his old boss and joining Valentino
* TheCasanova: Whenever Marshall Hunter appears, there's usually a woman fawning over him
* CerebusSyndrome: ''Marilith'', though it has moments of comedy, is on the whole far more dramatic than ''Krakow 2.0''.
* ChurchMilitant: The Nazi-killing nun from whom Marilith and Christi inherited their guns of choice.
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Kimiko's response to Marilith pulling a [[ButterflyKnife butterfly knife]] out of her "pants" and stabbing a guard to death? Pointing out she's wearing a skirt not pants.
* CowboyCop: Mark Wong has a reputation as this, leading his boss to assign Christi to be his partner in the hope she'll rein him in.
* CuteBruiser: Aiko
* DeadlyGraduation: Valentino
* DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale: Marilith is dismissive upon hearing about a female teacher who raped a male student. Kimiko knows better.
* FakingTheDead: [[spoiler:Christi O'Reilly, to persuade Marilith to give up her life of assassination.]]
* FiveFingerFillet: When Dim and Vics are introduced, Vics stabs himself while doing this.
* FoeYay: Valentino to Marilith. Particularly the time Valentino [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything forces Marilith to lick her gun]].
* FriendlySniper: Kimiko
* GagBoobs: Nurse Wendy
* GirlsWithMoustaches: Marilith wears a fake beard and moustache as part of her Colonel Sanders disguise during a bank robbery.
* GloryHound: Marshall Hunter, head of the Hunter Knights. He thinks of himself as one of the good guys, but he's really in the business for the media attention, and it shows when it drives him to do stupid, dangerous, and illegal things.
* GratuitousJapanese: Kimko's outburst of kawaii on meeting Minh, she is Japanese so possibly justified.
* HitmanWithAHeart: Marilith, though she only rarely shows it.
* HospitalHottie: Nurse Wendy
* ImprovisedWeapon: When she's not using a gun or axe, Valentino can kill with a belt or a pencil.
* InLoveWithYourCarnage: Valentino to Marilith
* InterrogatedForNothing: Marshall Hunter tortures Minh for information of Marilith's whereabouts, which he genuinely doesn't know.
* ItsPersonal: Valentino deliberately [[InvokedTrope invokes this]] to prevent Marilith from running away without a final confrontation.
* JackBauerInterrogationTechnique: Mark Wong has a reputation for this, though he claims he's put those days behind him.
* LaughingMad: In the flashback to Valentino's childhood, you can see the moment she completely snaps.
* LesYay: Kimiko is explicitly in love with Marilith in ''Krakow 2.0''; this is toned down to subtext in ''Marilith''.
* LovelyAngels: Marilith and Kimiko
* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: In ''Krakow 2.0'', Kimiko's response to having her arm torn off by a truck is to ask a question about Marilith's threat to tear off said arm a few moments before.
* MexicanStandoff: Occurs several times. Marilith notes her dislike of them.
* NeverHurtAnInnocent: '''Averted'''. Marilith charges less to assassinate people she regards as villainous, but she ''will'' kill innocents if paid enough.
* NoKillLikeOverkill: [[spoiler:Valentino is sniped in the head and then shot about 15 times.]] May be justified, since that person survived [[spoiler:Kimiko slitting her throat]] before.
* NothingPersonal: Stark says this when he betrays Krystiyan
* PayEvilUntoEvil: Marilith is fond of this, charging less to assassinate evil people.
* ProfessionalKiller: Marilith
* PsychoForHire: Valentino
* RapeAsBackstory: [[spoiler:Valentino was raped as part of the training to turn her into a perfect assassin.]]
* ShoutOut: Several. Valentino explicitly references the torture scene in ''Film/ReservoirDogs'', and the church where the final gunfight takes place is identical to the one from episode 5 of ''Anime/CowboyBebop''.
* SociopathicHero: Marilith kills without remorse.
* StartOfDarkness: "Chapter Zero" shows Valentino's
* StockholmSyndrome: Kimiko to Marilith
* ThoseTwoBadGuys: Vic and Dims
* TrainingFromHell: Valentino underwent this.
* {{Tykebomb}}: Valentino was raised from childhood to be an assassin, in a way reminiscent of ''Film/NakedWeapon'', complete with rape and DeadlyGraduation. No wonder she turned PsychoForHire!
* VillainProtagonist: Marilith, but again, she isn't the most evil character in these comics.
* WorldOfActionGirls: Marshall does get his share of the spotlight, but Valentino, Marilith, and even the barely-trained Kimiko overshine him.
* YouAndWhatArmy: Aiko demands this of Marshall Hunter. Of course, he calls in the Hunter Knights by way of response.
* YouHaveFailedMe: [[spoiler:How Marshall Hunter meets his end, after unwisely [[TooDumbToLive allying with Valentino]] and then being unable to deliver]].